A doctor is called away from a bridge tournament to tend to an emergency. There is still the last board to play. They ask a kibitzer to take his place, although he knows nothing about the game. They tell him "Just bid what you have got and follow suit". He, sitting South, thereupon starts the following bidding sequence:


South West North East

----- ---- ----- ----

 1C   pass  2H   pass

 2S   pass  3C   pass

 3H   pass  4NT  pass

 7D   Dbl  pass! pass



This is the deal:


          S - A9

          H - AKQ65

          D - AK

          C - Q1054

WEST                 EAST

S - KQ108            S - 76542

H - J1097            H - 8

D - Q10              D - J9

C - KJ8              C - 987632


          S - J3

          H - 432

          D - 8765432

          C - A


South took the lead of the king of spades with the ace, cashed the ace and king of trumps, came to hand with the ace of clubs and played all his diamonds. On the last one, West was hopelessly squeezed in hearts and spades, and ultimately discarded a heart, whereupon South made the last four tricks in hearts.


When the opposition saw South's hand, they called the director, who asked for an explanation of the bidding, and got the following reply:

"I was told to bid what I have got, and I have one club, two spades, 3 hearts and 7 diamonds!".