M C & G  Bridge Studio   29-Apr-2018

TIP OF THE WEEKThe Rule of 1:  When there is just one trump out higher than yours, it is normally best to leave it out.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: A big thank you to Nancy Fraser and Rosemary Sampson our CAPTAINS of the Bridge Studio Aces Walking Team.  And big KUDOS to all of you who are taking part in the Walk for Memories and special KUDOS to all that have sponsored our TEAM.  BTW - it is not too late to sponsor a walker - there are lots of us floating around
A note from Captain Nancy:
Generous of heart, time, and yes money, that is our Bridge Studio community.
With your support the Bridge Studio Aces have raised over $4,000 so far for this our 10th  year supporting The Walk for Alzheimer’s. Applause, applause!  Please see attached list for 10 warning signs of Alzheimer's.

If you have not donated already, please consider it now.  www.alzgiving.ca/goto/TheBridgeStudioAces

May is GRASS ROOTS Month - Specially marked games are Grass Roots Games - these games offer TRIPLE Masterpoints, and $1.00 from each player will go into a subsidy fund for players who WIN District games and go to the ACBL Nationals for NAP and GNT.

This week's Grass Roots Games:

Tuesday 7:00  OPEN
Thursday 7:00 (0-500 only)
Friday 12:30  OPEN
MARK THE DATE - Mixed Pairs TEAM GAME - 2 Sessions Wednesday evening May 9th & May 16th.  Grass Roots - TRIPLE points session TEAM game.  Each partnership must be male/female, teams of FOUR.  Fun & Food.  For more information contact Bill or Kathie.

IMPROVE YOUR BRIDGE - have fun learning more about our marvelous game.
~~Monday 9:30 - Defense.  Signaling! Signaling is the only way for defenders to communicate. Come and join Kathie and learn some best ways to get your message across - become a better defender.  $12.50 with handout.
~~Thursday 9:30  REBIDDING - Help Suits, Reverses, 4th suit, many of the techniques partnerships use to help find out whether game is possible or not. Using good judgment rather than good luck.  Demo hands to practice with.  $12.00
~~Thursday 6:30 - 7:00 4th Suit Forcing - a SIMPLE treatment to help the partnership get to game and maybe explore slam possibilities.
~~Thursday 7:00 - the Take Out Double

THIS WEEKS BRIDGE QUIZ -- is once again attached to this email or to enjoy online click here: <Weekly Quiz>

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio

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