M C & G  Bridge Studio   25-Mar-2018

TIP OF THE WEEK: Interested in understanding the "Laws of Duplicate Bridge"?  Or what is required to become a club director?  Wednesday April 4th at 7:00 we invite anyone interested in either becoming a club director or to just learn the ins and outs of bridge rules to come to the Bridge Studio for an instructional evening on how to take the ACBL Director's course.  No cost, refreshments served.  The director's exam will be offered in early May.  Upon completion of the exam, the Bridge Studio will reimburse successful candidates for the cost of the course.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel Labrie and Michael Ross who won the Lucky Score on Tuesday the 20th and split $384.00.  For big games kudos goes to Gary Brown and Gerry Callaghan WITH 71.09% on Tuesday night.  Also congratulations to all the winners in the Joe Currie Halifax Sectional this past weekend. Heather Gillis & Julie Williams had back to back wins at the Joe Currie Sectional tournament this  weekend.

This short week features 2 club championship games.
- Monday afternoon at 12:30 - Club Championship - triple masterpoints & prizes for winners of the game ($10.00 ).
- MONDAY evening at 7:00 "Just Play Bridge" - a fun relaxed 2 hour game where help is available - come for 6:45 and hear Liz's "Pearl of Wisdom" - We have chocolate for the winners (no masterpoints, just fun). Students that have just finished the Basics  course  are encouraged to join the game - get some practice as new classes start in APRIL
- Wednesday afternoon at 12:45 - Club Championship - triple masterpoints & prizes for winners of the 0 to 300 Masterpoint game ($10.00 ).
- PLEASE NOTE:  Friday the 30th - the Bridge Studio will be CLOSED for Good Friday.

- THINKING BRIDGE - Monday March 26th - 9:30am.  Kathie will continue her 2-week workshop to make you SHARP at the table.  Looking at the cards and taking in the inferences & assumptions from the bidding and drawing good conclusions. This is what makes people say you have "Card Sense" - it is all from looking at the cards and listening to the bidding.  If you missed last week, you can still come this week for assumptions taken from opening leads and what defenders should be thinking.  $12.50
- Thursday at 9:30 -Gary has another great class in store. Last week was "Help Suit Game tries", this week will be  another valuable clinic in simple partnership agreements.  Gary has his 'special list' of participants that he emails the Thursday quiz to - if you are not on THAT list and want to be - just drop me a line.
ANNIVERSARY WEEK celebrations are drawing near - what do you know about inventions from the 20s, the gangsters, prohibition and flappers.  All will be know April 9th - 14th.

Lessons for April - we have Defense, play of the hand, competitive bidding and much more lined up to begin the Week of April 9th.  Watch for a handout coming on Tuesday!!

THIS WEEK'S BRIDGE QUIZ -- is once again attached to this email or to enjoy online click here: <Weekly Quiz>

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