M C & G  Bridge Studio   4-Mar-2018

Greetings from Curacao.  Just a quick note today to send along the tip, quiz and the calendar attached.

Hope all is well in Nova Scotia.  See you next week.

TIP OF THE WEEK: When your left hand opponent doubles your 3 card minor suit opening and partner passes with nothing to say and your right hand opponent passes to convert the take out double to penalties consider re-double to find a safer spot, especially with at least 3 cards in all of the unbid suits.

Thanks to everyone who has pitched in this week and an extra thank you to Andrew Endendijk for coming down from Truro for Friday.

 - Tuesday afternoon at 12:30 is a Club Championship game for players with fewer than 499 masterpoints

 - Friday afternoon 12:30 is a Club Championship game open to all players

 ** Special note: All Friday morning games at 9:30 will be opened up to those players with fewer than 150 masterpoints!

 ** Special note: NO game this Wednesday evening as Bill and Kathie are still cruising the Caribbean.  However games will be back on schedule for Wednesday evenings starting March 14th with a Club Championship game.

Welcome back to Gary Brown who will be at the Studio this week expanding Doubles - another 'ripper' class.

THIS WEEKS BRIDGE QUIZ -- is once again attached to this email or to enjoy online click here: <Weekly Quiz>

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio


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