M C & G  Bridge Studio   18-Feb-2018

MONDAY FAMILY DAY.  The Mumford Professional Centre is OPEN.  Morning lessons, afternoon game and evening "Just Play Bridge" are on as scheduled.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Be careful of ‘wasted values”.  Short suits opposite partner's long suit is often not helpful.  Queens and Jacks in the opponent’s suits, also not helpful.  K Q x opposite your x is not a good holding.  Be careful in bidding these hands – do not get too high.  Yet, QJx opposite a suit partner has bid can be very useful; even 109x can be good.  Kx opposite partner’s long suit – also good, but almost useless opposite a singleton.  Check your cards and upgrade if they are ‘working’ and downgrade if they are not.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: We had two team games this weekend.  Winners of the OPEN Team game were: Rod Mackenzie, Dave Tanner, Terry Shaw & Jim Mathers.  Winners of the Up the Ranks were: Marilyn Bernardo, Linda Walker, Daniel Labrie and Michael Ross - flight B/C winner for the Up the Ranks - Doug Currie, Karen Low, Shirley Leblanc and Sharon Smith.
Here is something we seldom see - Bill & Sue Ellis just missed the 70% board on Friday morning as they had a 69.97% game - so near and yet so far!!
Bill has been working diligently to keep things up to speed while we go on our 2018 "Grand Slam Adventure".  I  thank everyone in advance for stepping in to help us out.

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 12:45 - 0-300 only is the ACBL-wide Charity Game.  Proceeds go to the Canadian Bridge Federation - Charity Foundation. Cost of game is $11.00
SILVER POINTS on Wednesday night -- 7:00. The Bridge Studio is signed up for the District 1 STaC game for Wednesday evening - PAIRS, for open and 99ers.  TRIPLE red points.
SILVER POINTS on Thursday night 6:30 only for players with fewer than 1000 masterpoints. Hand records. Beans and wieners will be ready for those that are looking for dinner.

> THINKING BRIDGE this week is all about DISCARDING. What to keep, what to throw, and what messages to give partner on defense.  It is very informative and it makes defending so much more FUN!  9:30 Monday morning.
> THURSDAY PRACTICE Play - Gary is still stuck in Australia and Victor will be continuing to inform everyone the advantages of the take out double.  Attached is the very interesting article from Mr. Brown.  Come and enjoy the morning with Victor, Hind, Kathie and Bill.
> Tuesday at 9:30 join Carol Hamilton as she enlightens you on the world of "Jacoby Transfers"



The auction:

South     West     North       East

 1         pass        1       DBL.

 1NT      pass       3 NT    all pass


              North (dummy)

              4 3

              10 9 8

              A Q J 9 8

              A J 6

West                                               East (you)

                                                         K J 6 5

Opening Lead:                               K Q J 7

  2                                                  K 3

                                                         9 4 2

West has led the 2, which strongly suggests a 4-card suit.  You play the K, and for reasons only known to South, they duck the trick.  Could West hold the A?  What should you do now?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

You are South and your contact is 4♠.  West leads the A and you can ruff. 

What is your plan for 10 tricks?


         North (dummy)

          A 9 6 5

          K 7 3

          8 4 2

          10 5 3


Lead: A


          South (You)

           K J 10 8 3

           9 6 4

           A K Q J 5



All seems well as long as you can avoid losing 1 spade and 3 hearts.  You will trump the opening lead and plan to play on spade. If you use the old saying “Eight ever, nine never” you will be going down ONE! You can afford to finesse the spade suit as long as you plan to play low from your hand into the East hand.  One thing you cannot do is allow West to win a spade as a Heart lead through your K is dangerous.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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