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TIP OF THE WEEK: Do not use Blackwood when looking at a void unless you have all three of the other Aces.  If you have only two aces and partner shows one Ace – you do not know which one it is – so what was the point of the Blackwood. If partner had Cue-bid a control, then you can use Blackwood because you already know what one of the Aces is.  Also remember when you continue on by bidding 5NT - you have just promised partner that you have all the Aces and are interested in bidding the Grand Slam.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Thank you Victor for a fine job on Thursday morning. Gary will be back from Australia in a couple of weeks and Victor (noted for being Canada's youngest life master) will be showing his ability to inform and entertain.  We have lots of hands and info for everyone.

The last two games for JUNIOR FUND MONTH will be held on Tuesday 30th, evening (7:00) and Wednesday 31st, evening (7:00).  These games offer almost triple masterpoints as well as supporting our Canadian Junior, Youth & Kids teams.

We have the NEW brilliancy from the ACBL starting this Saturday and continuing every afternoon next week. This new event named REACH (Regional Events At the Club House) - and YES there are GOLD POINT awards.
EVERYONE can play in any REACH game at the regular club fee (except Saturday) only those registered with the ACBL as REACH participants will receive GOLD points.  Please see the attached for more information.

The FIRST REACH game will be held in conjunction with the ACBL wide International Fund Game ($12.00) - Saturday the 3rd.  ALL players will be eligible for ACBL-wide fame and masterpoints. We will have bagel, muffins, fruit etc. to enjoy prior and during the game.  Analysis sheets  will be available.  REACH registrants can start on the gold points!
From Monday February 5th to February 9th all AFTERNOON games will be REACH games (details attached).  The cost of all these games is $10.00.  All scores will be eligible for ACBL overall Regionally rated gold points.

Bridge & Chocolate - SATURDAY February 10th 12:30.  This annual game is held each year in support of the Canadian Women's Teams. Bring along your favorite CHOCOLATE item for the buffet.  We only have a couple of spots left, drop me a note so I can fit you in the game.

FEBRUARY 11th - 18th Canadian Bridge Federation STaC. Played all across Canada - so lots of SILVER points for  everyone.  TWO team games - Saturday February 17th - OPEN to all players - STRATIFIED, single session.  SUNDAY FEBRUARY 18TH -Up the Ranks 0-1000 Silver Points. Sign up sheet at the Studio.

IMPROVE YOUR BRIDGE - Monday at 9:30 More Thinking Bridge - this week we will see how you can "Place the Opponent's Honours" - it is not as hard as it sounds and with a little thought you will be picking up those Kings & Queens in no time!  Drop in for $15.00.
           Thursday at 9:30 join Victor as he fills in for Gary - a more in depth look at overcalls and how to make the most of them.  Gary will be sending out his email shortly with the quiz attached.  If you do not receive it from Gary - please let me know and I will send it to you.

Tuesday at 9:30 - Jacoby TRANSFERS with Carol - putting the long suit in Dummy is a strange thing, but their is a strategy to it. If you are not signed up for this Conventions course, you can drop in ($15.00)

If you have any questions about any of the classes please do not hesitate to email me - kmacnab@eastlink.ca

This weeks Bridge Quiz:
The contract is 6 Spades

The opening lead is the C-K.

How do you intend to win 12 tricks?

        S: K Q 5
        H: K 10 5
        D: A Q J 10 3
        C: 5 3

Lead: C-K

        S: A J 6 4 3 2
        H: A J 3 2
        D: 4
        C: A 8

Answer to last week's Quiz:


Here is the hand that is in all of our nightmares.

Your Left-Hand Opponent opens the bidding with 1 Club, and of course your partner DOUBLES.
Right Hand Opponent passes and what do you do with the following hand?

        S: 10 3 2
        H: 9 8 3
        D: 10 7 6
        C: Q 8 3 2


   -  Number 1 – DON’T PANIC.
   -  You have no four-card major. Yes
   -  You cannot bid No Trump (a No Trump bid after partner doubles shows values usually 6-8 HCP).
   -  You cannot bid clubs (this is a cue bid).
   -  You cannot PASS.
   -  Bid your cheapest 3 card suit, preferably a minor.

If you bid 1D, it is very likely someone will take another call, worst case scenario – you play in a 3-3 fit, but remember that builds character! If you have to lie about your hand, it is better to lie in a minor than a major.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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