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TIP OF THE WEEK: When you are defending against a No Trump contract be careful in discarding!  Discard in suits you DO NOT want led!  Try to keep all the cards in the suit you WANT played, it might make the difference in defeating a contract.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: KUDOS  to Victor for his fabulous directing job on Saturday. He is friendly, professional and his quick wit made him entertaining as well.  CONGRATULATIONS to the overall winners:  Glen Dexter, Margie Knickle, Dorothy Gibson and Linda Chambers - Flight C winners:  Malcom Chapstick, Gail Ginn, Charley Sharkey & Bob Feindel. I have just heard from students who took part in The Bridge Studio's "Defense Workshop" with Victor - it was a huge success.

Our Condolences - I just got word from Truro that one of the Maritimes long time World Class players, Carolyn MacDonald, passed away quietly on Saturday night.  Carolyn was always a fun, skillful and amicable player at any table.  She will be  sadly missed.  Anyone wanting an address to send condolences please let me know.

THURSDAY EVENING - 6:30 0-1000 Stratified game is looking for new players - this week we want to encourage YOU to come and play  - the game will be FREE for everyone THIS Thursday (6:30 pm).  If you want to play and are looking for a partner please let Bill know (bhalliday@eastlink.ca) he can accommodate you.  This game is limited to players with fewer than 1000 masterpoints.  Come give it a try.
Wednesday at 7:00 will be a Stratified Pairs game "Junior Fund Game" - TWO sections OPEN & 99er.  People who are looking for MORE masterpoints, this is your opportuntiy to win some as the players in the 99er section will count towards the total overall masterpoint awards.  This game is also just $6.00 for the OPEN and $5.00 for the 99ers. We are always welcoming new players to our games and Wednesday evening is a very welcoming - come and play!!

IMPROVE YOUR BRIDGE - Monday at 9:30 I will presenting LONG SUIT ESTABLISHMENT - this class has been offered before and if you have not had a chance to attend, don't miss this one.  All expert players know how important it is to take  advantage of dummy's long suit - executing it is easy once you know what to do, come and find out the secret.  Drop in for $15.00

Tuesday at 9:30 - Carol will be opening your eyes to how  to really UNDERSTAND the Stayman Convention - to play it correctly you have to know it purpose, drop-ins welcome.

If you have any questions about any  of the classes please do not hesitate to email me - kmacnab@eastlink.ca

This weeks Bridge Quiz:
Here is the hand that is in all of our nightmares.  Your Left-Hand Opponent opens the bidding with1 Club, and of course your partner DOUBLES.  Right Hand Opponent passes and what do you do with the following hand?
       S – 10 3 2
       H – 9 8 3
       D – 10 7 6
       C – Q 8 3 2

Answer to last week's Quiz:
The contract is 3NT by South
The opening lead is the H-6 – you play LOW (H-2) from dummy and East plays the H-9 and you win the H-Q.
What is your plan for 9 tricks?

S – J 4 2
H – A J 8 2
D – A Q J 10
C – 8 4

      South (you)
S – A Q 3
H – Q 5 4
D – K 9 4
C – Q 7 5 3
Lead: 6H, East play 9H and you win the HQ.

Solution:  You will now lead your small heart to the H-8 in dummy, and once back to your hand you will lead toward the H-J.  You should have used the “Rule of 11” (subtracting the card led from 11 which tells you how many cards above the one that has been led are in the REMAINING three hands).  In this hand 6 from 11 is 5.  You know there are 5 hearts higher than the 6 in the remaining three hands.  You see three in dummy, and one in your hand, which means that East has only ONE card higher than the 6, which they played (the H-9).  You now know that West has the H-K and H-10.  Had you misguidedly taken a spade finesse, you could go down if North West wins the Spade K and then switches to the club suit.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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