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TIP OF THE WEEK: Time for a New Years Resolution!  Take some time to discuss your ‘convention card’ with your partners.  This does not mean add new conventions but rather – make sure you have good agreements.  To help you out try clicking on this link to see what each part of your convention card is about <Click Here> .  Now come on over the Bridge Studio and try one of our wonderful games, and even try one that is the next level up from your comfort zone. If it is your first time playing in a 'higher' level game - come and get a COMPLIMENTARY PLAY pass.

KUDOS and CONGRATULATIONS:  We had a 70% last week - congrats to Jim Mathers & Liz Legacy for a 72.92% game on Thursday December 28th - well done.  And a Big Congratulations to the WINNER of our 2 section INDIVIDUAL game on Saturday December 30th - Jim Mathers with a 67.47% game - must have been all his wonderful partners.  Also Kudos to Linda Meldrum who came first in her section - well done.  Holiday Party winners for the evening pairs game - Jim Praught and Melinda MacLean with a 66.86% game - again well done.  And many many thanks to all those that contributed to our fabulous array of food - afternoon appetizer, potluck dinner, evening desserts - NO ONE went hungry - it was all so delightful.

UNIT 194/230 STaC WEEK - This week January 2nd to January 7th is a Sectional Tournament at Clubs Silver Point event.  Held annually for over 2 decades - our opportunity to play against other clubs in our unit, win silver points and the proceeds go to OUR OWN Unit.  The Bridge Studio fully supports this event.  So all week, all games are silver points. The STaC games cost the clubs an extra $2.00 but the Bridge Studio feels this is such a worthwhile cause that we will absorb $1.00 per player per game, ergo we will be charging just $11.00 per game all week long (Wednesday evening still just $6.00 - both open & 99er sections, Friday morning $10.00 fee).  Come play, come often, your opportunity to win Silver points - for triple the usual points and compete with clubs across the Maritimes.  Here is the Schedule:

TUESDAY Jan. 2nd - 12:30 - limited to under 500 masterpoints (stratums: 0-100 / 100-200 / 200-500).
TUESDAY Jan. 2nd - 7:00 - OPEN stratified the stratums: A=OPEN; B=500-1500; C=0-500 - play in C strat - win overall and get the maximum points!! BEST Game for all strats.
WEDNESDAY Jan. 3rd - 9:30 am - OPEN Stratified Pairs - looking for points - here you go - Professional run, Silver points - OPEN for our maximum possible points - strats are: A=OPEN; B=500-1500; C=0-500.
WEDNESDAY Jan. 3rd - 12:45 - 299er stratified pairs - all your own game.  Have fun.
WEDNESDAY Jan. 3rd - 7:00 - TEAM GAMES - TWO sections - Section A - all players have more than 100 masterpoints - Section B -  limited to players with fewer than 100 masterpoints.  Section A is STRATIFIED and TEAMS - we can make them up quickly - if you do NOT have a team of four - call Bill at 902-443-4676 or email: BHalliday@eastlink.ca so that he can make up a team.  Sign up sheet on the wall at  the Studio.
THURSDAY Jan. 4th - 12:30 OPEN Stratified Game - 3 strats A=OPEN; B=500-1500; C=0-500 - again best opportunity for all players to pick up maximum points.
THURSDAY Jan. 4th - 6:30 our Limited game of 1000 masterpoints STILL silver points - the strats are C=0-200 points; B=200-500; A=500-1000.
FRIDAY January 5th 9:30am - for all players UNDER 100 masterpoints an opportunity to play with your peers  and still win SILVER POINTS - special strats to be posted.
FRIDAY January 5th - 12:30 - OPEN Stratified - more opportunities to win maximum points in the overalls, stratified - (stratums: 0-500 / 500-1500 / 1500+).
SATURDAY Jan. 6th  - SECTIONALLY RATED TEAM GAME: TWO session Swiss Teams - Stratified game - we would like to make it "stratiflighted" but need a minimum of 6 teams in each flight - otherwise we will have stratified game.  STILL lots of points available for all teams. Sign up sheet at the Studio - cost of game is $22.00 per player ($88.00 per team) included a (build your own sandwich for lunch which we will provide - sandwich, soup and dessert)
SUNDAY Jan. 7th - SOMETHING NEW - we will try for the FIRST time - FAST PAIRS games.  Two separate games - play one or both, your choice.  First game begins at 10:30am - we will play 24 boards in TWO HOURS (5 minutes per board), no late plays - if you get behind you will receive a NO PLAY which will be assigned as your final game percentage.  There will be an 8 minute break at the mid point.  Lunch will be (included) at the end of the first game.  GAME TWO starts at 1:00 again 2 hours, 24 boards, no late plays. If you are playing BOTH sessions, you should be able to play 48 boards between 10:30 & 3:10, maximum points available.  You are more than welcome to play in either the morning or the afternoon session only.

MARK THE DATE:  The Bridge Studio's Signature Game of 'Up the Ranks' will be held on SATURDAY JANUARY 20th - 12:30 start.  We have the excellent director of Victor Lamoureux with the assistance of Bill & Kathie - need a partner, need a team? - Just email me: kmacnab@eastlink.ca
WORKSHOP ALERT - Beginner Defense with Victor - Sunday January 21st - 11:00 - 2:00.  $17.50 per student.  Victor  will take you through the basic steps of defending a hand, signals, leads and how to work as a partnership on defense.  Register via email: victor.lamoureux@gmail.com or register online at - www.bridgestudio.org

LESSONS: First - Bridge in a Day - SATURDAY JANUARY 13th - know anyone wanting to know what 'bridge is all about'? Encourage them to come to this FREE introduction. 10:30-2:00. We have already had several registrations, but there is still lots of room available.  If you have a place you can put up a small poster - let me know I have them on the director's desk.
LESSONS FOR BEGINNERS AND ADVANCING - Competitive Bidding with Victor - Tuesday mornings at 9:30 - Bridge Basics II - don't miss it.
Popular Conventions with Carol - Tuesday mornings at 9:30am - this is Bridge Basics III  - the completion of our Basic Bridge Series.
MONDAY MORNINGS - our NEW Beginner Series at 9:30am with Doug - learn the language of bidding and basic strategies for declarer play.    Evening Beginner Series - Thursdays at 6:30pm with Kathie
THINKING BRIDGE - Kathie & Kantar - the most exciting 6 weeks to improve your bridge NO conventions  - just basic understandings of how to THINK at the table - getting some 'card sense', I am using the remarkable and intuitive Eddie Kantar series - The First Trick, Long Suit Establishment, Placing the Opponents' Honours, Opener's Rebids, Hand Evaluation, and Discarding.  To see more go to our web page:  www.bridgestudio.org
---- For all courses you can register online or email:  kmacnab@eastlink.ca

THURDAY MORNING - practice play - Gary Brown was a tremendous hit this Thursday and he wants to come back this week for an encore. All those that attended were very impressed, if you missed it - then come this week - Thursday morning 9:30 - a real play and learn experience.

This weeks Bridge Quiz:    Another question on balancing after opener starts with a weak 2H call.  The auction:
West   North    East     South (you)
  2H     pass     pass      ??
Your call with this hand:
S – 8
H – Q 7
D – A 7 4
C – A K Q J 9 5 3
Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
The auction:
West   North   East   South (you)
  2H    pass     pass    ??
In the 'balancing seat' what do you call holding:
         S - A Q
         H - K 10 3
         D - A K Q 8
         C - Q J 5 3
Solution:   Double:  You have a very good hand with 19 HCP, a simple 2NT bid is not adequate for this hand.  Your plan is to double and then bid 2NT (if partner bids 2 Spades) or 3NT (if partner bids 3 Clubs or 3 Diamonds) on your NEXT turn to bid – showing 19 – 21 HCP.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio


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