M C & G  Bridge Studio   24-Dec-2017

Bill and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday week.  
Instead of a tip and quiz this week I would like to share the Christmas Bridge Poem (one of my favorites)

      T’Was the Night Before Christmas
           By B. Jay Becker

“’Twas the night before Christmas, Two guest in our house
Had started to play bridge with me and my spouse.

“Please tell me,” she shouted, “Why didn’t you double?
“’Twas plain from the start that we had them in trouble.”
“ ‘Tis futile my dear,” said I, taking no stand,
“To discuss it with you— let us play the next hand.”

“Remember next time,” said she, icing a frown,
“To double a contract that’s sure to go down.”
So I picked up my cards in a downtrodden state,
Then I opened One Spade, and awaited my fate.

Dlr: East       S - 9 8 7 6    
Vul: N-S        H - 6 5 4 3 2    
                     D - 8 7 6 5    
                     C - —    
S - —                              S - A K Q J 10
H - Q J 10 9                    H - A K 8 7
D - K Q J 10 9                 D - —
C - K Q J 10                    C - A 9 8 7
                     S - 5 4 3 2    
                     H - —    
                     D - A 4 3 2    
                     C - 6 5 4 3 2    
The guy sitting South Was like many I’ve known;
He played and he bid In a world all his own.
“Two diamonds,” he countered With scarcely a care
The ace in his hand gave him courage to spare.

My wife, she smiled faintly, and tossing her head,
Leaned over the table; “I double,” she said.
And North, for some reason I cannot determine,
Bid Two Hearts as though he were preaching a sermon.
I grinned as I doubled, enjoying the fun,
And turned round to South, to see where he would run.
But South, undistressed, not at a loss for word,
Came forth with Two Spades— did I hear what I heard?
The other two passed and in sheer disbelief
I said, “Double my friend, “That’ll bring you grief.”

South passed with a nod, his composure serene;
My wife with a flourish led out the heart queen.
I sat there and chuckled inside o’er their fix—
But South very calmly ran off eight straight tricks!
He ruffed the first heart in his hand right away
And then trumped a club on the very next play.
He crossruffed the hand at a breathtaking pace
‘Til I was left holding five spades to the ace.

In anguish my wife cried, “Your mind is growing old,
Don’t you see six notrump in this hand is ice cold?”
By doubling this time I committed a sin
It just goes to prove that you never can win.

Bill and I are having a wonderful Christmas with my daughter and family, but are looking forward to coming back for our holiday party.
See you on SATURDAY DECEMBER 30th.  We will have the chili made, and the rest is pot luck, so don't be shy bringing in your holiday leftovers.  FIRST GAME is at 1:30 and is an Individual Club Championship - get a new partner every round, meet lots of people and have fun!  Next will be the Pot Luck dinner with some Bridge Bingo and prizes.  At 7:00 we will have a Stratified PAIRS Club Championship - if you do not come with a partner - you will find one over dinner.  The best part - this is my and Bill's gift to you - NO FEES  for the entire day.

Remember the Bridge Studio is closed Monday and Tuesday and the Wednesday evening game is cancelled.  All other games on as scheduled. 

FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY - STaC Week - TWO team games - Wednesday January 3rd at 7:00 (99ers still separate section) and Saturday January 6th - TWO Sessions - 10:30 & TBA - (help me make sure I have the same start time on all sign up sheets).  SILVER POINTS!!  New Game - Sunday January 7th - 2 Single SESSIONS of FAST pairs - 10:30 & 12:30 - 2 hours each game, 24 boards, lunch provided (you can play one or both).

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas
and all the Best for 2018.
Kathie & Bill


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