M C & G  Bridge Studio   10-Dec-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: Most of us now play Jacoby Transfers, which tends to work very well, but did you know that if you make a  Jacoby Transfer (diamonds to hearts or hearts to spades) experts agree that a bid of a new suit is 100% forcing to game.   1NT – 2D* - 2H – 3D**; responder shows partner 5 hearts and at least 4 diamonds and game going values (2D*shows 5 hearts,  3D** 4 or more diamonds).

KUDOS A very big THANK YOU to Victor, Doug, Carol, LIZ and Bev who are picking up the slack while Bill & I are on vacation. Palm Springs is warm and dry - a lovely place to be.  Gary Brown has also volunteered to help out and will be giving our newer players an opportunity to see Gary in action.  Thank you every one.

THIS WEEK at the BRIDGE STUDIO:  Club Championship games one this week! NO extra charge - just extra points and PRIZES.

Monday at 12:30 Stratified Open Pairs.
Wednesday at 7:00 for BOTH the OPEN game and the 99er game - Remember just $5.00 for any game.
Saturday 0-1000 Swiss Teams - Up the Ranks.  Sign up sheet on the wall at the Studio - game time 12:30

This weeks Bridge Quiz:
The Auction:
East   South   West   North
pass    1H      pass      ?

As North you hold:
          S - J 5 4
          H - 7
          D - A Q 10 8 6 3 2
          C - 7 4
What is your call?

Answer to last week's hand:
Your LHO opens the bidding with a WEAK 2H call – Partner passes and RHO passes.  It is now all up to you.  What is your call with this hand?
   S – A K J 9 7 6
   H – 8 4
   D – J
   C – A Q J 2

Answer – Bid 3-S.  A jump overcall after an opponent’s weak pre-emptive bid shows a good 6-card or longer suit and a strong hand.  It is NOT preemptive.  You don’t pre-empt over an opponent’s pre-empt. The advancer should try to bid game holding at least one trick.
See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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