M C & G  Bridge Studio   3-Dec-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: Bridge hands vary, suit quality, hand distribution, control cards but as a general ‘rule of thumb’ try this: When partner opens a MAJOR suit - Support with Support
With at least 3 card support and 5 – 9 Playing Points Raise partner to 2 of the Major
With at least 3 card support and 11 – 12 HCP Raise partner to 3 of the Major
With at least 4 card support and 10-11 HCP – raise partner to 3 of the Major
With at least 3 card support and 13 – 15 HCP – bid something else and then raise to 4 of their Major
Holding 5 card support and a singleton – raise to 4 of the Major and very few HCP and hope for the best.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS - Several BIG GAMES this week - Thursday evening saw a FIRST 70%er from Eleanor Luckhurst & Debbie Scott with a 70.83%.  Then FRIDAY morning we had TWO 70% games - and they tied for first place  - Ans Cross & Marilyn Locke AND Polly Sodhi & Trish Aubut both with 70.56%.  On MONDAY evening in our "Just Play Bridge Game" Sandra MacDonald & Karen  O'Driscoll tallied up to 85.42% - that is terrific in ANY game.

KUDO & THANK YOU to Liz Legacy and your committee for all the work today in this SPECIAL game.  Liz has long admired Hazel for thoughtfulnes and really wanted to make sure Hazel understands how much she has touched us all.  It was a wonderful day and I thank everyone for food, gifts and just a GREAT Day. 


This week at the Bridge Studio:  
WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 6th - Pro/Am Team game. This means I will be putting together teams of TWO under 99ers with TWO open players to form teams.  The 99ers will only play other 99ers - and the OPEN will play the OPEN players.  This is also a CNTC qualifying game - which for anyone 'THINKING' of going to Montreal at the end of May - might want to make sure you have a qualification - I have some names and if you are interested in playing - just hit 'REPLY' and let me know. 

Two Club Championships and one TEAM GAME

Tuesday December 7th - 7:00 Club Championship
Wednesday December 6th  - 12:45 - Club Championship
Wednesday December 6th  - Canadian National Pro/Am Team Game

This weeks Bridge Quiz:
Your LHO opens the bidding with a WEAK 2H call – Partner passes and RHO passes.  It is now all up to you.  What is your call with this hand?
        S – A K J 9 7 6
        H – 8 4
        D – J
        C – A Q J 2

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:  The Auction:
Opening lead problem.
The Auction:
  South     West     North     East
   1D         pass       3D**     pass      **Limit raise in diamonds
   3S         pass       4H        pass
   5D        all pass

West (you) is on lead with this hand:
S – 8 6 4     H – J 10 9 6       D – 3        C – K 10 5 4 2
Your lead?

Answer – South has enough values to be in game and of course his first choice is 3NT, South shows the spade stopper, North now shows a heart stopper, and since he went past 3NT – he is clearly denying a club stopper.  North and South avoided NoTrump because they do not have a club stopper – LEAD A small CLUB.  The ‘rule of thumb’ is the top of a sequence – but not today!
See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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