M C & G  Bridge Studio   26-Nov-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: Keeping the noise level down.  Ever notice how loud it gets at the end of a round – some people just play fast and want to talk about the hand, or just talk.  Bridge is a social game and we encourage friendly chatter – just keep it low so the rest can finish playing.  And by the way – sometimes when you are bragging about the slam you just bid – they hear you at the next table and find the slam as well – not as brilliantly as you did, but they will get there

CONGRATULAITONS: Winners of the "Up the Ranks" Team Game on Saturday: Rose Baker, Michael Hogan, Leona Telfer and Bob Edmundson!

KUDOS - Friday November 24th was our Celebration of Johnny Dunsworth and fundraiser for Soul's Harbour Rescue Mission.  A HUGE thank you to Steve Anderson who spearheaded the event.  Michelle Porter from Souls Harbour gave us a brief history of the Mission, she also told us of their plea for socks and boots for the Mission.  "Amazing Grace" was sang and a tribute to Johnny - all done wonderfully.  I am happy to report that we have purchased over 400 meals for the patrons at Souls Harbour Rescue Mission.  Bill & I will be delivering the cheque, some decks of cards and anything else you wish to donate on Friday Dec. 1st.
A THANK YOU - Many of you have received an email from Jill McCormick saying that she is no longer associated with the Bridge Studio. I have spent a lot of years with Jill and helped her out tremendously both financially and in boosting her teaching career.  She was a wonderful teacher and an asset to the Studio.  I wish her well in her future endeavours.  Bill and I are enjoying working as a team to keep everyone at the Bridge Studio happy, our games professional and the atmosphere cheery.  Victor has stepped up to fill in as many holes as he can while on Christmas break from school.  Doug & Carol Hamilton will be helping with different games and all is well.  The continued support from Liz, Bev and others keeps my spirits high and my love in the work for bridge in Halifax.

This week at the Bridge Studio: 
Here we are approaching December - and for the last week of November we have a few specials:
WEDNESDAY EVENING - TEAM GAME - Canadian National Teams - club qualifier.  And yes, a 99er pairs game as well.  Qualification for our Canadian National Team event in May will end soon, and we must have a couple of games in -- so FIRST CLUB QUALIFIER - this WEDNESDAY at 7:00
THIS WEDNESDAY (Dec. 29) at 9:30 in the morning will be a COPC game.  (extra points - TRIPLE RED)
Friday (December 1st) 12:30 is a Club Championship Game
NEXT WEDNESDAY at 7:00 - our second qualifying game - in the form of a PRO/AM team game.  Each 'Pro' pair will match up with a 99er pair.  Each match the pros will play against pros and the ams will play against  the ams.  In order to have everyone happy about this game - please sign up on the sheet at the Bridge Studio or call me (902-443-4676) to have a team formed.

This weeks Bridge Quiz:
Opening lead problem.
The Auction:
  South     West     North     East
   1D          pass       3D**      pass      **Limit raise in diamonds
   3S          pass       4H         pass
   5D         all pass

West (you) is on lead with this hand:
S – 8 6 4     H – J 10 9 6       D – 3        C – K 10 5 4 2
Your lead?

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:  The Auction:
South     West (you)     North     East
                                      1H       pass
1S           pass                2S       pass
4S          all pass   

What is your opening lead holding the following:
      S - Q 10 7 3
      H - 8
      D - Q 4 2
      C - Q J 10 7 3

Solution: Leading a singleton with four trumps is usually not a good idea, especially when it’s the opponent’s suit.  Lead top of the solid sequence.  This will force declarer to use their trumps and you just might end up in control of this hand.
See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill
The Bridge Studio


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