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TIP OF THE WEEK: Whenever a bid is made by responder that the upper limit is unknown then the bid is forcing.  If a bid is make that has a limit – it is NOT forcing.  If partner opens the bidding with 1S and you bid 1NT – that upper limit of your hand is 10 (ish) HCP.  If partner now bids 2C – and you hold a 6-cards heart suit and 8HCP – you can now bid 2H and it is NOT forcing – you have already limited your hand, partner is expected to pass.  If however partner bid 1D and RHO overcalled 1H and you bid 1S – it IS forcing as you have not established an upper limit to your hand.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: We have some 70%ers to congratulations - Last Friday morning = with 77.22% - Sandra MacDonald and Anne Coffin.  Thursday evening Ken Martin and Gary Adshade with 72.5%.  North American Pairs - Flight A - congratulations to the winners, who will be off to Philidalphia in March - Gerardo & Trisha MalazdrewiczFlight C  (NLM) winners are:  Connor Havens & Alan Peters (Moncton).  Good Luck to you all at the Nationals in March.

November 2017 calendar attached

SPECIAL GAMES THIS WEEK:  BIG GAME on Saturday November 4th - North American Pairs - flight B (0-2500 with club qualification) two sessions 10:30 am and TBA.  Gold points available. <Click here to see if you have qualified at the Bridge Studio>
Other games are:

Halloween Club Appreciation game Tuesday at 7:00 (hope you can leave your candy on your porch for your trick or treaters) and win a prize. If you wear a costume you can have your name entered in a draw for a FREE PLAY!
Canadian Open Pairs on Wednesday night at 7:00 TRIPLE points - half red
Charity Club Championship on Thursday at 6:30 - more bonus points and supporting CBF Charity Foundation

What you need to know about OPENING LEADS vrs NOTRUMP CONTRACTS - Thursday evenings (6:30 - 8:30) beginning this week November 2nd.  5-weeks ending November 30th.  $60.00 per student.  For more information and to register <Click here> or go to www.bridgestudio.org (click lessons).

This week's Bridge Quiz:
Why planning the play is important!  In the hand below your contract is 3NT and West leads the H-Q.  You must make a plan BEFORE you play to trick one.  What is your plan?
          North (dummy)
          S – 6 5 3
          H – A 9 6
          D – 9 7 3
          C – A Q 6 3
Lead: H-Q
         South (declarer)
         S – A 8 4 2
         H – K 7 2
         D – A K 6 2
         C - K J

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
What is your best shot to make your 6S contract with the following hands?
          North (dummy)
          S – K 9 8 7
          H – 7 5 3 2
          D – Q J 5
          C – A K
Lead:  H-K
          S – A 10 6 5 4
          H – A
          D – A K 3
          C – Q J 9 5
This hand looks like a piece of cake – but ask yourself “What can go wrong?” then decide how to make your 12 tricks.
From Better Bridge Magazine Vol. 5 #5

Solution:  You have no losers in clubs, diamonds or hearts.  The problem could be in the trump suit, but only if they do not divide 2-2.  If they are 3-1 you will only lose one trick.  But what if ‘yikes’ they break 4-0.  Play low from your hand and if West shows out – play the S-K and you can finesse East’s Q & J for just one loser.  If West follows suit with a low card play your S-7 from the dummy.  If East shows out, you have only one loser as you can finesse West for the Q & J.  This Safety Play may cost a trick if spades are divided 2-2 but will save the slam bonus when they are 4-0

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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