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TIP OF THE WEEK: The Guideline of 20 +2.  This method of evaluating an opening hand has become quite popular, add your HCP in your two longest suits, if they add up to 20 and you have 2 quick tricks you can consider this an opening hand – but remember the + 2 part – that is TWO quick tricks (or defensive tricks).  Quick tricks:  An Ace is a quick trick. An Ace & King are two quick tricks.  A King & Queen (same suit) are 1 quick trick.  An Ace & Queen = 1 ½ quick tricks.  And please remember that if you open light – you have opened and there is no bailing out – partner’s “new suit by responder” is 100% forcing.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: This month's Up the Ranks had 20 teams! Victory belongs to: A = Daniel Labrie, Michael Ross, Linda Walker & Marilyn Bernardo.  Flight B = Ann & Cel Dicks, Linda Mill and Sharon Grant. Flight C winners: Gail Ginn, Charley Sharkey, Bob Felindel and Malcolm ChapstickWEDNESDAY Evening was the CBF Erin Berry Rookie/Master Game -Congratultions to Glen Dexter and Gerry Porter, first overall, First East - West: Hal Wood and Ev Lukan

SPECIAL GAMES THIS WEEK:  Don't forget if you are planning to play in the North American Pairs District finals they will be held in Moncton NB - Flight A (open) is on Saturday (28th) and Flight C (0-500 NLM) is on Sunday 29th.  Both games are two sessions beginning at 10:30 am.
Special games at the Bridge Studio:

Tuesday 7:00 - COPC - TRIPLE red points
Wednesday 7:00 - COPC - TRIPLE red points  Come and play Wednesday - there will be TWO sections - OPEN for everyone with TRIPLE points available and a 99er game - ending at 9:30.  Food will be prepared for the game. 
SPECIAL EVENT for 0-300 ONLY  - The ACBL Wide Instant Matchpoint game!!  This is a very special game with  a SPECIAL BOOKLET of hand analysis.  The extra cost of this game is $2.50 per players- but to be able to participate and for us to keep it to 299er players makes it well worth it!!

CLUB APPRECIATION - Bonus masterpoints and prizes:

Thursday 12:30 and Friday at 9:30 (99er players only)  Don't forget to receive your prizes for these games.

NEW COURSE:  Thursday evenings 7:00 - 9:00 - The Impact of the Opening Leads Against NoTrump Contacts.  This course offers loads of information and guidelines on how to make good opening leads against No Trump contracts. 5 weeks only - November 2nd to November 30th.  $ 60.00 (text book availalbe $10.00)  Register online or via the Bridge Studio.

This weeks Bridge Quiz:
What is your best chance to make your 6S contract with the following hands?
          North (dummy)
          S – K 9 8 7
          H – 7 5 3 2
          D – Q J 5
          C – A K
Lead: H-K
          S – A 10 6 5 4
          H – A
          D – A K 3
          C – Q J 9 5
This hand looks like a piece of cake – but ask yourself “What can go wrong?” then decide how to ensure your 12 tricks.
From Better Bridge Magazine Vol. 5 #5

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
You are sitting South, and your partner North opens the bidding with 1NT.  East passes.  What do you bid with the following:

S – 4 3
H – 7 6 4
D – A K 8 7 5 2
C – 7 4

ANSWER:  Bid 3NT.  Partner has a good shot of making 3NT even with 2 small diamonds by playing low or ducking a diamond and then winning the next 5 Diamonds with a normal 3/2 break by the opponents.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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