M C & G  Bridge Studio   15-Oct-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: You and your partner should have an agreement of what to do if the opponents interfere after your partner opens 2 Clubs.  The most common agreement is with a very weak hand (0-3 HCP) start with a double.  This way partner might decide that defending could be the most profitable, but if partner bids a suit, you owe him at least one more bid.  A pass after the interference should show some values (enough for game 4+ HCP).  And with a good 5 card (or longer) suit of your own (with 2 of the top 3 honours) bid your suit.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Sending KUDOS to the tournament coordinators in Charlottetown PEI.  It was  a great turn out and a wonderful venue and lots of excitement.  It was nice to see some of our under 1000 players venturing into the A/X field - I see that you did well and I am sure you had a great time.  Keep it up!!

SPECIAL GAMES THIS WEEK:  WEDNESDAY EVENING - 7:00  The Erin Berry Rookie/Master Game.  We have several tables ready to play - if you are still looking to participate, please let me know (Kathie - kmacnab@eastlink.ca) or Liz Legacy - (lizlegacy@hotmail.com) or call the Studio 902-446-3910.  We can find partners.  This game is a CANADIAN only event and played in honour of Erin Berry who was one of Canada's up and coming youth players.
Club Appreciation game - Thursday 6:30 for 999er only - don't let Jill forget your prizes.
Club Appreciation game - FRIDAY at 12:30 - and yes more prizes
Club Appreciation GOLD DUST Up the Ranks TEAM GAME.  game time is 12:30.  Check with Jill (jmariem@eastlink.ca) as this might be full.

For the Students of the Game:  Two special lesson courses.

OPENING LEADS VERSUS NO TRUMP.  4 week mini-course to begin NEXT week.  Helping with your judgment on choosing your opening lead and the message you are sending partner.  Day and Time TBA

Tuesday 9:30 - beginning Tuesday October. 17th  Join Jill with the Improve Your Judgment - DOUBLES 6 WEEKS.  For more information please go the Bridge Studio web page -- www.bridgestudio.org - click on Lessons.

This weeks Bridge Quiz:
You are sitting South, and your partner North opens the bidding with 1NT.  East passes.  What do you bid with the following:

        S 4 3
        H 7 6 4
        D A K 8 7 5 2
        C 7 4

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:  Partner opens the bidding with 2NT.  What is your responding bid with the following hand:
S A 4
H K 8 3
D K Q 10 9 7 6 4
C 3
Solution: Bid 4-C Gerber.  This is one of those rare hands where using the Gerber Convention to find out how many Aces partner holds.  If partner holds two Aces bid 6NT, if partner has less than two Aces, settle for a game contract.   In a team game you might play in a diamond contract, in matchpoints you might consider a NoTrump game.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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