M C & G  Bridge Studio   30-July-2017

Coming up this week at the Bridge Studio:

*there will be two NAP qualifying games... one Tuesday aft for the 0-500mp crowd; and the other Thursday afternoon, open to everyone. Both games are at 12:30pm, and are $11 per player.

*Wednesday evening (7:00pm), the game will be INDIVIDUAL- meaning, no partner necessary, come along and play with all kinds of different players- great fun, lots of adventure, as well as snacks and drinks; $10 per player.

Congratulations:  *to Fred and Betty Richardson for the huge 70.24% game on Monday night in Liz's 'Just Play Bridge'. Darn close to 70% was Russell Stacey and daughter Christine Webb- good stuff!

Ongoing appreciation and thanks to those players who bring into games snacks, sweets and contributions of coffee, etc... every little bit goes a long way, and we greatly appreciate those who contribute (especially the home made stuff ?)

Tip of the Week: the "4C" bid can have lots of different meanings, depending on what's happened prior in the auction. For instance, it could be a real suit... support of a previously bid club suit... a "splinter bid" (singleton or void)... a control showing cue-bid (ace or a void in clubs)... or "gerber" (ace-asking). How do you know if this bid is gerber? This is an area that causes confusion for lots of partnerships when they're faced with it during an auction. Simple guideline, suggested by Jerry Helms: *if the first real bid in the auction is no-trump, or if the last bid is no-trump, 4C is GERBER, unless a suit has specifically been agreed on by the partnership (and both know it!). (if you're not familiar with the terms, you can google, find reading resources, or talk to us at the studio).

Last week's quiz: in the following auctions, what is the meaning of the 4NT bid? ANSWERS:

a) 1H/1S/1NT/4NT.............. because the last bid before 4NT was 1NT, and no suit has been agreed on, 4NT is QUANTITATIVE.

b) 2C/2D/2NT/3C/3D/4NT... first REAL bid was no-trump (2NT), and no suit has been agreed on, 4NT is QUANTITATIVE.

c) 1NT/2C/2S/4NT.............. same reasons as a) & b), 4NT is QUANTITATIVE.

d) 2NT/3H/3S/4D/4S/4NT... since spades is the agreed suit, and known to both partners, 4NT is BLACKWOOD (ace asking).

e) 1S/2D/3NT/4NT.............. last bid is no-trump (the jump to 3NT shows 18/19 balanced points), 4NT is QUANTITATIVE.

This week's quiz: in the following auctions (just you and your partner bidding), what do you think is the meaning of the eventual 4C bid:

a- 1NT/4C...

b- 1D/1H/1NT/4C...

c- 1C/1H/1S/4C...

d- 1NT/2H/2S/4C...

e- 1NT/2H/2S/3D/3S/4C...

f- 2NT/3C/3H/4C...

See you at the table,


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