M C & G  Bridge Studio   2-July-2017

What's up this Week: we'll have one NAP qualifying game- Thursday aft July 6th at 12:30. This game is $11 per player, and lots of extra points, and a chance to qualify to play in the North American Open Pairs competition. Everyone is welcome!

- Tuesday evening, July 4th we'll celebrate new life masters at the 7:00pm game... if you were at the Can-At in Moncton, wear your t-shirt Tuesday evening... cake and extra master points- regular playing fee, $10.

- Wednesday evening July 5th, come for the individual game at 7:00pm- no partner required, really fun and social atmosphere! Also, extra master points, and lots of snacks, and drinks for sale...

Congratulations to...

*Rita MacDonald and Geraldine Smith for their 85.12% win in the Monday night 12 table game, as well as in the same game Ev Lukan and Darryl Steeves for the 70.15% game- good going Guys!!

*Norma Ferguson and Archie Mills scored 73.89% Friday morning in the 8 table 0-100 game- well done!

*everyone who did well in Moncton this past week... but we're glad to have you back in Halifax ?

Other July Events: don't forget to register for Victor's workshop being held Saturday July 15th, 10:30am til 2:00pm (victor.lamoureux@gmail.com). Focus will be on Hand Evaluation and updating your 'opening the bidding' skills.

- sign up for the Up the Ranks team game (if you're under 1000 masterpoints), being held Saturday July 22nd, 12:30pm. Be sure to let me (Jill) know if you need a partner and/or teammates.

Don't forget... a lot of players don't realize that if you play 5 games at the Bridge Studio between Monday and Friday, your 5th game is FREE. This may be especially useful to intermediate players under 1000 masterpoints who have more games to choose from during the course of the week.

Tip of the Week: if a player makes a bid out of turn, an insufficient bid, or a play out of turn, and the director is called, the director will give the opponent(s) the option to accept the bid/play without changing it, and play will continue without penalty. As the non-offending opponent, consider the benefits of acceptance before making your final decision. For instance... if your partner opened 1S, perhaps you were planning to bid 1NT (showing 6-10 points and less than 3 spades). But your RHO overcalled 1H, insufficient. Many players blurt out "no I don't accept it" without even thinking about it... but if you accept 1H, then you can still bid 1NT! But if your RHO chooses to make his bid sufficient by bidding 2H (because you didn't allow 1H to stand), you now may have no sensible bid for yourself... think about it before making your decison.

Answer to Last Week's Quiz: you and your partner have just decided to start playing FOURTH SUIT FORCING (and you forgot to read up on it ?). You open the bidding 1D, partner responds 1H, you rebid 1S, and partner rebids 2C... what is your next bid holding:  S-AK53 H-642 D-AQ63 C-73?

ANSWER: Partner's 2C bid suggests nothing about the club suit, it is simply a forcing bid to extract more information from you about your hand. Your top priority is to show 3-card support for your partner's original major suit- BID 2H. The auction will continue from here... your partnership cannot stop bidding until at least game is reached.

This Week's Quiz: you open the bidding 1D, your partner responds 1S; you rebid 2C, and she rebids 2H (Fourth Suit Forcing!). You rebid 2NT holding S-J5 H-A2 D-AJ1063 C-Q1092. And she now bids 3S. What is your next call?

See you at the table!


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