M C & G  Bridge Studio   25-June-2017

It's summer and we have lots of fun stuff going on - come in and cool down with us! We have several North American Pairs qualifying games on the calendar; we have 2 individual games held in July, the first and last Wednesday evenings (NAP pairs games in between); the monthly Up the Ranks team game (0-1000) will be held on Saturday July 22nd (12:30pm); and on Saturday July 15th, Victor will be holding a very cool workshop...

Workshop on Hand Evaluation: Victor will be hosting this dynamite presentation on modern bidding styles, how to look at hands in different ways and know when to be aggressive; it will be held Saturday July 15th, 10:30am til 2pm; $17.50 per player; bring your own lunch, but Victor will provide some healthy snacks, and will have a 20 minute break midway; some notes will be provided as well as some additional information that may not be covered in the workshop. This workshop is suitable for all levels- great way to catch up with current styles. For more information, or to register, email Victor at victor.lamoureux@gmail.com

This past Wednesday, June 21st, the Bridge Studio held a marathon of bridge games to raise money for Alzheimers, starting at 6:30am, and the event was a HUGE success (some games were a little more successful than we could handle!) thanks to Kathie and Bill Halliday who ran the event smoothly and gracefully; as well as many volunteers who helped out in the kitchen; brought food and snacks; donated prizes; sold raffle tickets; made additional donations; some even stepped aside and didn't play so that others could when the games got too big. In Kathie's words:

"KUDOS to everyone that came and played on Wednesday June 21st – The Longest Day of the Year, “A Day of Bridge, Benefitting Alzheimer Societies in Canada”

Total raised  for the day $ $3,911.50!!  Total number of tables 121 tables.  Awarded 258 masterpoints! 162 participated.  6 played all 8 games!  Biggest game – 3:30 with 22.5 tables ( already arranging with the Mall to have hall space for next year).  SIX pairs with 70% games – Congratulations: Rod Mackenzie & Mort Fels (70.83); Dorothy Gibson & Art Donahoe (70.83); Gerardo & Trisha Malazdrewicz (75); Sharon Grant & Karen Mitchell (75.83); Margi Lawrence & Ann Dicks (70.83); Gerardo Malazdrewicz & Susan Hubley TWICE (74.6 & 70.83).

THANK YOU to those that donated door prizes – and the winners were: beautiful pewter vase (from Marcia Shaw), won by John Ayer; Nova Scotia art (from Steve Anderson), won by Winnie Nickerson, Scott Rappard, Carol Weir & Gloria Marshall; smoked salmon (from Kate MacIsaac), won by David Keefe;  Foot Soothers kit (from Hazel Walker), won by Gerry Porter; cheesecake (from Sheena Mackenzie), won by Elly Bronk; Bridge Studio Play Card, won by Sandra MacDonald.    What a fantastic day – THANK YOU TO EVERYONE"

Tip of the week: If you decide to start playing a new convention with your partner- LEARN IT. If you're like me, you'll never remember everything that's blathered to you at the table or over coffee... you can find resources of any conventions in books written by Barbara Seagram, Audrey Grant or William Root (are 3 of my favorites), or just by googling online... understanding the proper logic and intricacies of a convention and its subsequent bids seriously facilitates partnership harmony, not to mention your enjoyment of bridge...

 Answer to last week's quiz:

Your contract is 6H.  The opening lead is the C-10, won by East’s C-A and a heart return.  Now you must win the rest of the tricks.  What is your plan?
       North (dummy)
       S – A 10 7 3
       H – K J 5
       D – K Q 3
       C – Q J 6
West                     East
Lead:                    C-A and returns a small club
       S – 4
       H – A Q 10 6 3
       D – A 8 6 4
       C – K 4 3

Solution:  After you win the C-K, you see that from the perspective of South you will pull  trumps and then you have No Losers in Spades, No losers in hearts, no more losers in clubs and Diamonds are fine as long as they break 3-3.  And in this hand the diamonds do break 4-2.  If you ‘REVERSE’ the dummy and look at the hand from North’s point of view – your most likely line of play would be to ruff all the losing spades in the south hand.  You would likely play S-A, ruff a spade, cash H-A, and play a diamond to the D-K, ruff a spade, to D-Q and ruff the last heart in the south hand to North’s H-K  & J to extract the hearts from opponents.  This method  of using the long trump hand to ruff  losers and the short hand to extract opponent’s trumps is called a “Dummy Reversal”.  

This week's quiz: you and your partner have just decided to start playing FOURTH SUIT FORCING (and you forgot to read up on it ?). You open the bidding 1♦️, partner responds 1♥ you rebid 1♠️, and partner rebids 2♣️... what is your next bid holding:  ♠️AK53 ♥️642 ♦️AQ63 ♣️73?

(If the symbols aren't 'right' on your computer, the auction is: you 1D; partner 1H; you 1S; partner 2C, 

and you hold: S-AK53  H-642  D-AQ63  C-73 

To all of you heading to Moncton for the Can-At this week... good luck! And have a great time ?


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