M C & G  Bridge Studio   11-June-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK:  Now that you know what dummy CAN DO - Here is what dummy CANNOT DO:
1. Unless attention has been drawn to an irregularity, dummy should NOT initiate a call for the Director during play.
2. Dummy may NOT call attention to an irregularity during play.
3. Dummy must NOT participate in the play or make any comment or ask any questions concerning the bidding or play.
4. Dummy may not exchange hand with declarer.
5. Dummy may not leave his seat to watch declarer.
6. Dummy may not, on his own initiative, look at the face of a card in the hand of either defender.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Peter Ineson and the RCMP Veterans' Association would like to extend a big THANK YOU for your ongoing support in funding for wheelchairs for veterans.  They are now working on their third chair.  Pop can tabs can be dropped into the can on top of the fridge or given to Peter and 100% of this goes to the program.  So please remember if you have a pop at the Studio, put your tab in the can.  Or if you have an opportunity - save your pop and beer tabs at home and bring them in.  Thank you everyone.
***** KUDOS to all that played on Wednesday evening in our first of our summertime 'Individual Game'.  Such a diverse field, from beginner to the very experienced.  Everyone had a GREAT time.  If you missed it - we will have two more games in JUNE - one this Wednesday at 7:00 and another one on the 28th.  You can decide to come at the last minute, since NO partner is needed and you will meet so many people and have such a good time.  Lots of refreshments available for everyone.

What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio:

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON June 14th 12:45- for 299er players ONLY - Canada Wide Olympiad Fund Game (+$1).  Be a Canada wide winner.
North American Pairs - club games: Tuesday (13th) 7:00  & Thursday (15th) 12:30   BOTH games are TRIPLE (half red half black) points
UP THE RANKS - Saturday June 17th 12:30.  0-1000 Sectionally Rated SILVER POINTS.  Need a partner or team mates - contact Jill at jmariem@eastlink.ca
WEDNESDAY (14th)  7:00 - INDIVIDUAL GAME - NO partner needed - no half tables. Snacks (our treat) & bar (minimum chg) available.

DAY of BRIDGE - Benefitting Alzheimer Societies in Canada.  WEDNESDAY JUNE 21st.  The Dance Cards are being passed out - get yours filled in.  Poster attached.  Be one of the first players in Canada when we hold our first game at sunrise (6:30 AM).  8 sessions of bridge until sunset.  Lots of food all day long, including breakfast, lunch and Dinner.  Game times 6:30; 8:15; 10:00; 12:00; 1:45; 3:30; 5:30 and 7:15. Each game just 12 boards, and a Charity Club Championship - finish one game have a snack and be ready for the next!!  Great Day - Great Fun and  all to benefit Alzheimer Societies across Canada.

This Week's BRIDGE QUIZ:
You are defending a 4 spade contract by South.  (South opens a weak 2S and North bids 4S)
You lead the H-K, and declarer wins the H-A in dummy and now plays the S-J, finessing into your S-K.  NOW you win the H-Q and H-J.  Your side only needs ONE more trick – what do you do next?
Here is the original layout:
               North (dummy)
               S – J 9
               H – A 9 5
               D – A Q J 7 4
               C – K J 6
West (you)
S – K 5
H – K Q J 3
D – 10 9 8 5
C – 10 9 7
Card play review:
West (you) leads the H-K, followed by H-A, H – 4 & H-2
From Dummy the S – J, S-3, S-2 -  West wins the S-K
West now cashes the H-Q & H-J – everyone follows.
Now what?

Solution to Last Weeks Quiz:
You have arrived in a 6NT Contract.  Plan your play
            North (dummy)
            S – A K
            H – 9 7 3
            D – Q J 7 5
            C – A K J 7
Lead: S – 10
            South (declarer, you)
            S – Q J 4 3
            H – A Q 6
            D – A 10
            C – Q 9 6 3
How do you plan to make 12 tricks?
Answer:  :  First – count your tricks,  You only have 10 sure tricks (4 spades and 4 clubs, one sure diamond and one sure heart, where to you find TWO more tricks?   Don’t even think of taking Heart finesse.  Even if it wins you will only get one more trick!! – and you will still have to take the diamond finesse.  Most people complain they can’t win one finesse and now you want TWO!!  Instead look at your diamond suit – you can easily lose one diamond and still get TWO more tricks.  Whether you finesse the D-10 or just give up a trick up to the king, it makes no difference West will win the D-K.  You will be left with two winning diamonds.  Don’t let the H-A & Q tempt you –look at the diamonds.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio



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