M C & G  Bridge Studio   4-June-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK:  Continuing with our TIPS on protocol and ethics, let us look at what the dummy CAN DO:
1.  Dummy may keep count of tricks won and lost and will follow the play as it occurs.  Therefore, if a player turns his cards in such a fashion that dummy cannot see them; they may ask to see a card.
2.  Dummy plays the cards of the dummy as declarer’s agent as directed.  Dummy may NOT inform declarer that he has a trick turned incorrectly UNLESS it is done so IMMEDIATELY.
3.  Dummy may try to prevent any irregularity by declarer – as in not let declarer turn the trick wrong or warn declarer against leading from the wrong hand.
4.  Dummy may draw attention to any irregularity – BUT ONLY AFTER THE PLAY IS COMPLETED.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Hat Tricks - Carol Hamilton - that is three wins last week - Liz  Legacy as well! CONGRATULATIONS!

DAY of BRIDGE - Benefitting Alzheimer Societies in Canada.  WEDNESDAY JUNE 21st.  The Dance Card is at the printer and will be out next week.  I have attached a poster.  Print it, save it, share it with a community group, or just post it somewhere.  This event (formerly the Longest Day) will raise funds and awareness across Canada.  Be one of the first players in Canada when we hold our first game at sunrise (6:30 AM).  8 sessions of bridge until sunset.  Lots of food all day long, including breakfast, lunch and Dinner.  Game times 6:30am; 8:15am; 10:00am; 12:00pm; 1:45pm; 3:30pm; 5:30pm; and 7:15pm. Each game just 12 boards - finish one game have a snack and be ready for the next!!  Great Day - Great Fun and all to benefit Alzheimer Societies across Canada.

JUNE is the official start of the North American Pairs - club qualifying games.  Remember ALL NAP games are triple points half Red / half Black!  The DISTRICT finals will be held at the end of October and beginning of November, win a chance to play at the National finals - in Philadelphia March 2018.  $1.00 extra for each game.  This weeks games are:
Monday (5th) 12:30,  Wednesday (7th) 9:30am  and Friday (9th) 12:30.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 7th, our First Charity Club Championship INDIVIDUAL Game.  Party time and extra Masterpoints.  Game Time 7:00 we will have hot appetizers, and other FREE snack food and beer and wine (modest cost) will also be available.  What a great opportunity to meet and play with lots of different people!

This week's bridge Quiz:
You have arrived in a 6NT Contract.  Plan your play
          North (dummy)
          S – A K
          H – 9 7 3
          D – Q J 7 5
          C – A K J 7
Lead: S – 10
          South (declarer, you)
          S – Q J 4 3
          H – A Q 6
          D – A 10
          C – Q 9 6 3
How do you plan to make 12 tricks?

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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