M C & G  Bridge Studio   14-May-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK:  ACBL Guidelines for Bridge Etiquette and Rules:  Try your best to play in an even deliberate pace.  It is true that from time to time you need time to think, but remember that a hesitation followed by a pass places an extra burden on partner as any bids by him or her must be very clear cut.  And please do not get upset if an opponent calls the director to monitor the auction in this situation as it is the proper thing to do.

SAVE THE DATE - Wednesday June 21st - A Day of Bridge - Benefiting Alzheimer Societies in Canada (The Longest Day).  Let us add to the more than $8,000.00 we have raised during the "Memories Matter Walk".  Dance cards will be ready when I return from vacation.

This week at the Bridge Studio:  This week we have FOUR Grass Roots Games - all games have extra masterpoints!!

Tuesday (16th) 12:30
Wednesday (17th) 7:00 -- TEAM GAME - Jill is helping with teams - extra masterpoints, and something to eat before the game!
Thursday (18th) 12:30
Saturday  (20th) 12:30 - Up the Ranks 0-1000 TEAM GAME

The Bridge Studio is OPEN as usual on Monday May 22nd (Victoria Day)

This week's bridge Quiz:
You are defending the contract.  The diamonds you see in dummy is all they have, there are NO outside entries.  Sitting East – which card will you play after declarer leads the D-10 and partner plays the D-7.  Why are you choosing that card?
                           D – K Q J 9 8
West                                              East - you
D – 7                                             D – A 4 2
                           D - 10
What card do you play and why?

Answer to Last Week's Bridge Quiz:
The auction -      W     N      E      S
                          1H     P      P     1S
                          P      3S     P     4S
                         All pass

            North (dummy)
            S – J 9 8 2
            H – A 7 6 3
            D – Q 5
            C – K Q 5
Lead: D – J
            South (you)
            S – A Q 10 6 5
            H – J 4
            D – A 7 2
            C – 7 6 2
When West leads the D-J and you cover with North’s D-Q, East plays the D-K, you win the D-A.
How do you plan to make 10 tricks?

Answer:  Since West opened in first seat, the bidding they must have at least 12 HCP, let us give them a normal 13 points. The dummy has 11 HCP and you, the declarer, have 11 HCP (13+11+12= 36 HCP).  On the opening lead of the D-J, East shows up with the D-K and East never bid in this auction, all indications show that East cannot hold more than 4 HCP.  After the D-K is played the most East can hold is the C-J.
Now for the play: You can only lose 3 tricks, you will lose the H-K, and the D-10 and the C-A.  What about the S-K.  You could take a finesse, but what is the point you KNOW that West has the S-K.  This is when you would play the Spade A hoping to drop the SINGLETON King – your only chance.  This play was so named by Mr. Milton Shattner, who played at the prestigious Cavendish Club in NY.  His nickname “The Rabbi”.  Hence:
The Rabbi’s Rule: “When the King is a singleton offside, play the Ace!”

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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