M C & G  Bridge Studio   23-Apr-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK:  When declarer is trying to develop a suit, the defenders give COUNT to tell each other as to how many cards they have in declarer’s suit.  Now the defender with the cover card in declarer’s suit can deduce how many times to hold up winning their trick and perhaps cut the declarer off from running the suit.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: 73.11% Congratulations to Russell Stacey and Karen Low for this outstanding performance last Friday.   KUDO to Skipper Nancy- she has our teams ready to roll and start our Alzheimer's fundraising campaign. Come walk with us on Sunday May 7th (preceded by breakfast at the Henry House).  Or sponsor one of our walkers.  This is our lead in to our Alzheimer Bridge Day on June 21st.  Remember - playing bridge is a key component to keeping a Healthy Brain.

We currently have bridge courses on the go:  Jill McCormick is doing an "Advanced Declarer Play" course on Tuesday mornings (9:30).  Victor is at the helm with a NEW beginner class on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 as well, this class is working with NoTrump bids if you would like to drop in.  Victor has also rallied the troops to finish off the Bridge Basics trio with the Bridge Basics 3 text - Popular Conventions.  Stayman and Transfers are the first two conventions discussed.  Jim has our Competitive Bidding course underway.  They are about to work on overcalls - Drop-in are welcome for all classes $15.00
PLAY OF THE HAND WORKSHOP - do it all in a day Saturday May 6th 10:00 - 1:30.
Taking the highlights from our Planning the Play course - I will be presenting this 3 1/2 hour course.  $17.50 per participant.  Bring your own sandwich (I will have snacks & coffee available).  Lots of fun and lots to learn to make you more comfortable with your declarer play.

This week at the Bridge Studio:

MONDAY 7:00 Join Liz for "Just Play Bridge". This is a very relaxed game with about 14 hands played.  No clock, no masterpoints - Just Bridge.  A great place to practice what you just have learned or bring a friend to introduce them to the game.  Come early (6:45) and listen in on Liz's 'Pearl of Wisdom'.
WEDNESDAY - 7:00 Jill is bringing dinner.  We have a Charity Club Championship - and it is Hug an Auzzie Day.
THURSDAY - 6:30 Charity Club Championship - Celebrating baseball season and Babe Ruth Day!

MARK THE DATE:  Saturday May 13th 10:30 & TBA.  Grand National Teams - District 1 Finals at the Bridge Studio.  Flight A - 0-6000 with lots of gold points and the winners will represent District 1 at the NABC in Toronto this summer.  Flight C - 25% of the overalls are GOLD - Flight C is open ONLY to Non-Life Master players with fewer than 500 masterpoints.  Refer to ehe attached flyer and the following link for more details: < GNT FInals >

This week's bridge Quiz:
Partner opens the bidding with 1NT – what is your bid holding:
       S - ---
       H – A K Q J 10 8 4
       D – K 7 3
       C – J 10 9

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
How do you play this combination to ensure winning THREE tricks?  You can afford to lose one trick to either opponent and you have several entries to both hands.
C – J 6 4 3
C – A K 9 2

Answer: Play one of your top honours, and then low to the C-J.  If LHO shows out, then you lose your  C-J, but you can re-enter dummy and play a small club toward your C-9.  If RHO is out – then our  C-J won the trick.  Playing one of your high honour first then low towards the Jack ensures you of at  least three tricks in clubs.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio


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