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TIP OF THE WEEK: Most partners would agree that a NEW suit bid, after the partnership has agreed to play in another suit, is FORCING.  Example: Partner opens  1H and you bid 2H, 3C (a new suit) is FORCING.  Your partnership should discuss what the meaning is of the new suit – but even for a basic beginner it is FORCING.

EVERYTHING CANADIAN - Our 19th Anniversary Week has ended - thankyou everyone for all your great Snacks, Help and just coming and playing.   Here is the tally of the week:
FIRST PLACE:  The Loons - 15551
  - Most Total Points: Jill McCormick - 1709
  - Masterpoint winner:  (excluding Jill) Jim Mathers - 1118
  - Most Spirit Points: Hazel Harlow - 375
SECOND PLACE: The Totems - 15281
   - Most Total Points: Steve Anderson - 1084
   - Masterpoint winner: (excluding Steve) Linda Walker 660
   - Most Spirit Points:Sandra MacDonald 345
THIRD PLACE: The Beavers: 14875
  - Most Total Points: Liz Legacy - 1281
  - Masterpoint winner: (excluding Liz) Sheila Cardone -554
  - Most Spirit Points: Mary MacKay - 370
FOURTH PLACE: The Maple Leafs - 13068
  - Most Total Points:  Victor Lamoureux - Carol Thompson 824
  - Masterpoint winner: (excluding Carol) - Larry Mock 546
  - Most Spirit Points: Victor Lamoureux  - 425

< Click here for full details of the Bridge Studio's 19 Anniversary Week >

We have some special commenorative pins for all the winners, don't forget to pick them up.
My thanks to the directors who helped me all week and of course to Bill who tabulated all the points every night and produced many spreadsheets.
The BIG question now is what do we do NEXT year for the 20th Anniversary?

This week at the Bridge Studio:
Don't forget to come and Play on Wednesday at 7:00 - it is a Charity Club Championship Game,and a light dinner awaits.
OPEN on Saturday for the 0-1000 Up the Ranks TEAM game.  12:30.  Contact Jill for team mates (jmariem@eastlink.ca
MONDAY APRIL 17th - 7:00 the CBF presents Helen Shields Rookie/Master game.  We need more Masters, so please let me know if you would like to come for a fun evening and introduce our 'rookies' to duplciate style bridge.  You do not need to be an expert, just a pleasant person with some basic knowledge of the game, and of  course a pleasant personality.

BRIDGE LESSONS: All classes will begin the week of April 10th. 

Beginner Bridge Classes - Tuesday at 9:30 am
Beginner Bridge Classes - Monday at 6:30 - currently we do not have enough to hold this class, please  let me know if you are interested.
Intermediate Play Theory - Tuesday 9:30.  This course is designed for players with a basic bridge play knowledge
Competitive Bidding - Thursday 6:30 - The next stage after

This week's bridge Quiz:
You are declarer with the following hand.  The contract is 2 Spades.

          North (dummy)
          S – 10 4 2
          H – K Q 6 2
          D – A K 7 5 3
          C – 8
           South (you)
          S – A 8 7 3
          H – 7 4 3
          D – J
          C – A 7 6 5 3
North Opens the bidding with 1D and South bids 1S, North rebids 2S, all pass (see below).  What is your 'Line of Play'?

Solution to last week's Quiz:    You open the bidding 1D with the following hand:
S – 10 4 2
H – K Q 6 2
D – A K 7 5 3
C – 8
Your partner responds with 1S.  What is your re-bid?
Answer: Your hand is not strong enough to rebid 2H (for those in the know, bidding 2 hearts is a reverse).  Even though it is possible for your partner to have 4 hearts to fit with your hearts – South would have to have at least 5 spades and then 4 hearts, and the percentage of that is low.  No trump is not attractive as you have a singleton club, and rebidding diamonds is not attractive as you should have 6 diamonds.  Just bid 2 spades.  Your partner will play the contract in a  4-3 fit and that builds character.  As the opener, do not fear supporting 1H or 1S with 3-card support – however you really want to have  a short side suit so that partner can ruff in the ‘short hand’.

Rotary Club - Toonie Draw - this week is worth over $425.00!

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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