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TIP OF THE WEEK: Over and over any bridge teacher will tell you to improve your game you must COUNT.  Count winners in NoTrump contracts, and count losers in suit contracts.  If you are not a good counter, you likely don’t bother.  But it is easier than you think.  Always take a moment or two to at least LOOK at the dummy – count your SURE tricks.  Sure tricks are ones you should be able to get right away – they are Ace and Kings.  Once you are good at counting SURE tricks, then you can look at the possible ways to get more tricks.  NOW you are making a PLAN!  The more you do it the easier it gets.  Start with counting - it always helps.

EVERYTHING CANADIAN - The theme of the week - ANNIVERSARY WEEK -  I have attached the April calendar and the program for the week.
Here is how it works - EVERYONE at the Studio is put on a House.  You can win master points for your house at any game.  You can also win SPIRIT points for your house.  Simply wear your house colours, or bring along the object of the day. There is often little contests that you can earn more spirit points with as well.  Costumes always garner extra points.
Each day will have a different Canadian theme:
- Monday:  Bring along something that was "Made in Canada" to earn spirit points for your team.  Cake & Ice Cream.  We have bonus points for any House that will sing for us a song about Canada!!
- Monday NIGHT "Just Play Bridge" - I hope everyone will wear Red & White so I can take a picture of the Happy Faces on Monday night
- Tuesday: West Coast & the Prairies - Wear (bring) a ski mask or bring along a small truck.  Veggies & dip day.
- Wednesday: Celebrating the Canadian Bridge Federation's 50 Anniversary.  Anybody who plays today and is a member of the CBF will get 50 points for your house.
In the evening - TEAM GAME - "8 is enough".  Have your team add up to 8 (0-750 = 1; 750 - 2000 = 2; 2000+ = 3)  Game time 7:00.  Don't worry about dinner, we have hot dogs.  If you need a team contract Kathie at kmacnab@eastlink.ca
- Thursday: The Great North - Bring an INUKSUK for bonus points for your house.
- Friday:  3 games today!  9:30- 99er game Wear a Mountie hat or boots for bonus points.  12:30- Come dressed as a Prime Minister or bring a picture for bonus points - more points if you have a special quote from a Canadian Prime Minister.  7:00 INDIVIDUAL No Partner necessary.  National Beer day!
- Saturday: 11:00 am to 5:00 Grand Finale TEAM Game.  Stratified! Form your teams and sign up. It will be a TWO session event with 6 rounds of 6 boards.
All games are Charity Club Championship games!  Come and have some fun - we will have special food every game and of course it is all for the fun of it.

BRIDGE LESSONS: All classes will begin the week of April 10th.  We have a beginner class for Thursday mornings and Monday nights.  Advanced 'Play of the Hand' Tuesday morning.  And I am in the process of putting together a Bridge Basics II - Competitive Bidding course for Thursday evenings.

This week's bridge Quiz:
You open the bidding 1D with the following hand:
         S – 10 4 2
         H – K Q 6 2
         D – A K 7 5 3
         C – 8

Your partner responds with 1S.  What is your re-bid?

Answer to Last Week's quiz:
You and your partner are in a 3NT contract and West leads the D-K
What is your PLAN to make 9 tricks with the following hand:

            North (dummy)
            S – K Q 5
            H – A 8 6 2
            D – 6 4
            C – A 9 4 3
Lead: D – K
            South (you)
            S – A 7 3
            H – K 9 3
            D – A 7 4
            C – Q J 10 5

Count your tricks – watch out for the dangerous opponent.
---Solution:  In the diamond suit your side you have 5 cards, therefore the opponents have 8.  West clearly had the K Q J x (x).  If West has 5 diamonds, East has only three.  You can count on 3 spade tricks, 2 hearts, 1 diamond and at least 3 clubs via a finesse.  If East has the C-K you do not want him to have a diamond to return to partner – so WAIT for the diamond trick – Do not win the D-K or the D-Q but win the third diamond, now when you play the C-Q and let it ride to East – who should not have a diamond to return to partner, so you get enough tricks.  If East has the C-K and another diamond, then no harm – as diamonds were 4-4 and the opponents can only win 3 diamonds and the C-K.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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