M C & G  Bridge Studio   19-Feb-2017

TIP  OF THE WEEK: Basic bidding only covers the many routine hands, which are a vast majority.  If you and your partner can bid routine hands well, then when you have freakish and rare hands, you have a good chance of working those out.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Kudos to Nancy Spencer and the Bridge Studio teachers & directors.  Today we completed our 4 hour CPR & AED course. The new defibrilator is now hung on the wall and ready for an emergency - and those of us that attended the course know how to use it. Saturday's STaC B/C Winning team week winners - Ron O'Brien, Irene Szabla, Margaret Anne Dodson & Charlie Fortune.  Friday morning 71% game from David Pigot & Ev Lukan - CONGRATULATIONS!

Get your toonies in - the pot is now over $1,450.00  Remember the toonies are now picked up on Tuesday afternoon.


Heritage Day Club Championship - MONDAY at 12:30 -- we  are open so come and play- and win a prize
Charity Club Championship on FRIDAY at 12:30
Up the Ranks Saturday at 12:30 - Jill has 19 teams and room for just one more - if you want to play email Jill (jmariem@eastlink.ca)

ATTACHED - You are invited to play in the"Winter Classic Charity IMP Pairs  Challenge" - 6 games in total, 3 at the Studio and 3 at Halifax Bridge World.  YOU must play at least one game at each club to win.  Gerry Callaghan has sponsors that will donate to a charity of the winners choice PLUS cash prize for the winning pairs in both flights.  Games at the Bridge Studio are Saturday March 4, March 11, & March 18.  See attachement for more details.
You hold the following hand:
         S A 10 9 8 4
         H A K 7
         D J 7 4 3
         C 3
You open the bidding with 1 Spade. Left Hand Opponent passes and partner bids 1NT. Now your Right Hand Opponent bids 2 Clubs.  What do you do at your turn to make a call?

Answer to last week's quiz:
The contract is 2NT; the opening lead is the H-Q.  How do you plan to make 8 tricks?  What do you play at Trick #1?
       The Dummy
        S K J 6 5
        H A 8 6 3
        D 9 5
        C J 4 2
Lead: H Q
       S Q 10 3
       H K 2
       D A K Q 4
       C Q 7 6 3

Solution:  As all good declarers you start by counting your tricks!  Your sure tricks are: 3 diamonds and 2 hearts = 5 tricks.  You only need 3 more and spades is your best bet.  You want the opponents to play their S-A so you can win your top tricks.  A GOOD defender will not be so obliging as to take their S-A immediately, they will likely wait until the THIRD spade is played (a hold-up play).  So at TRICK #1  - you must think ahead and realize that the H-A might be your only other entry to dummy.  Win the heart trick in your HAND with H-K, and immediately work on spades.  Even if the opponents waits to take their S-A, you have the entry to dummy with the H-A.  Remember to make your PLAN before you play to the first trick!

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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