M C & G  Bridge Studio   12-Feb-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: Bridge partner’s have conversations about where they want to play a contact, and how high they can go.  This is done by either asking or telling.  Just like in any relationship – the important part is that they each have to LISTEN and try to understand what is being said.  And like in some relationships, you get too focused on your own information to listen to what partner has to say.  Good partnerships are more than willing to LISTEN to partner’s information, not just worry about their own.

STORM WARNING - The weather is NOT looking good for tomorrow and I have a strong feeling the Mall will be closed, so be prepared the bridge  is cancelled - unless  something unpredicted happens.   PLEASE CHECK the Halifax Shopping Centre storm line 902-444-1800 and our web site (www.bridgestudio.org) scroll bar to see if the weather will allow our afternoon game.  Also, Jill will have a message on the Bridge Studio telephone 902-446-3910 if we are cancelled.

***NO PLAY class at 9:30 postponed as per emails.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Winners of the Bridge Studio Bridge & Chocolate - EVERYONE, thanks for the great day & great chocolate!  Kudos to Bill Halliday who did a great job of keeping 80 women happy.  Oh yes, Congrats to the FIRST place team: Marcia Shaw, Jill McCormick, Rosemary Sampson and Kristie Misener.
CONGRATULATIONS to Trisha Malazdrewicz and Victor Lamoureux for PASSING (with flying colours) their Tournament Director Exams!  We all look forward to seeing you at our future tournaments.

Rotary Club Toonie draw - Get your TOONIE in the box - this week the prize is OVER $2,000.00!

WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK AT THE BRIDGE STUDIO:  CANADIAN BRIDGE FEDERATION Silver Point Week!!  All week!!  Games will have a $2.00 extra charge - so use your Play Card plus a TOONIE.  There will be lots of Silver points available.  Monday right through to Saturday.

SATURDAY - Team game - 12:30 start - $50.00 per team - single session.  We hope to have enough teams over & under 1500 masterpoints so that we can STRATI-FLIGHT the game.  Otherwise, it will be simply stratified.  I will have hotdogs for lunch, so sign up soon, the sheet is on the wall at the Studio - and win some SILVER!
Wednesday night - don't forget to come early and enjoy dinner before winning your SILVER points.  This week we will have a BEEF Stew, and there is wine & beer available!
Sunday will be the CPR course for Bridge Studio directors and teachers.

The contract is 2NT and the opening lead is the H-Q.  How do you plan to make 8 tricks?  What do you play at Trick #1?
       The Dummy
        S – K J 6 5
        H – A 8 6 3
        D – 9 5
        C – J 4 2
Lead: H – Q
       S – Q 10 3
       H – K 2
       D – A K Q 4
       C – Q 7 6 3

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:  You hold the following hand:

        S – Q 10 6 2
        H – A 7
        D – Q 8 4 3 2
        C – 9 6
Your RHO opens the bidding with 1NT, you pass, and LHO responds with 3NT, all pass.
What is your opening lead?

Solution:  Since your LHO did not bother with Stayman it is highly likely he does not have a 4 card major suit (unless 4-3-3-3).  And it is likely that LHO has a good minor suit holding, therefore I avoid the minor and lead a spade – fourth best – the S-2

Correction to previous quiz: Holding the following cards in Diamonds.  Apparently I said you would win FOUR tricks by 'ducking' or playing low on the first diamond - when in FACT you will win FIVE tricks!  Thanks to the few who wrote to point out my typo, and I hope all you newer players also found my error!!

         The Dummy
          D – A K 8 6 5 2

         Your Hand
          D – 7 4

See you at the tables,


Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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