M C & G  Bridge Studio   5-Feb-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: Forcing or NON-forcing by responder?  If their FIRST response has put a LIMIT to the number of points they could hold, then the bid is non-forcing and can be passed.  If, however, their FIRST response does NOT have a defined limit then as opener, you must bid again - the call is FORCING.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: To our newest LIFE MASTER - Congratulations to Nancy Spencer while cruising with Larry Cohen - I think we will have cake on Wednesday morning!!  Also CONGRATULATIONS to Martha Loche and Carol Muir for a 71.67% game on Thursday.  Kudos for the directors at the Bridge Studio for accepting the invitation for CPR training on Sunday Feb. 19th, we all want to keep your playing environment safe.

WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK AT THE BRIDGE STUDIO:  Bridge & Chocolate - Saturday February 11th, 12:30pm.  This is our 18th B&C supporting Canadian Women Bridge Players, 20 teams are ready to go!!
Wednesday at 7:00 will be a CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP game - we have prizes. A hot pot of STEW will be ready for 6:30 with fresh rolls & butter and wine & beer ($2.50) to get ready for the game.
All games this week are just $10.00

NEXT week the Canadian Bridge Federation Sectional Tournament at Clubs - February 13-18 will be SILVER points. Proceeds from these games supports OUR Canadian Bridge - come and play and see how the rest of the country does.
Saturday February 18th is a TEAM GAME - likely stratified, but with an even division of A/X and B/C/D we will strata-flight.  Lots of snacks on hand, with wine and beer available.

You hold the following hand:

       S Q 10 6 2
       H A 7
       D Q 8 4 3 2
       C 9 6

Your RHO opens the bidding with 1NT, you pass, and LHO responds with 3NT, all pass.
What is your opening lead?

Answer  to Last Week's Quiz:
How many tricks would expect to win in this suit combination, you have NO outside entry to the dummy:

         The Dummy
          D A K 8 6 5 2

         Your Hand
          D 7 4
What is the order in which you would play this suit?

Solution:  with opponents holding just 5 diamonds you have a very reasonable chance that the suit is divided 3-2.  You would play a diamond from your hand and play LOW from dummy.  When you get back in, play over to the diamond Ace and hope everyone follows.  If the suit divided 4-1, you will only get the two tricks you started  with, but if it is 3-2 you will win FIVE diamond tricks.  If you play the D-A and then the D-K - that's all folks!

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio



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