M C & G  Bridge Studio   29-Jan-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: If you are playing a range of 15-17 NoTrump openings be extremely wary of raising 1NT to 2NT with 8 HCP and a FLAT (4-3-3-3).  Even with a 4-card suit Major suit don't be tempted to bit Stayman.  You have no ruffing value in your hand, just stay in ONE NoTrump.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Congratulations to our two newest 70% pairs.  Jill McCormick & Jim Mathers with 71.13 last Friday with the Double Bills (Bill Halliday & Bill Cruden) on Thursday with 71.13% as well.  The last two Monday nights Steve Coates and Lew Landers pulled in 70.74% and a 77.98% - congratulations to everyone.
****The date for the CPR training will be Sunday February 19th from noon until 4:00.  Not sure if I can accommodate everyone, but let me know if you are interested in attending.  I will have the list out next week.

WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK AT THE BRIDGE STUDIO:  FEBRUARY CALENDAR ATTACHED.    SATURDAY is the first ACBL wide International Fund game for 2017.  Game time 12:30.  Come early I will have lunch for you - Bill is checking out his recipes now to decide what to make!

Tuesday at 7:00 is the LAST Junior Fund game - $1.00 extra to support our Junior players.
Wednesday Feb. 1st - mid winter Charity Club Championship game - GAME TIME is 7:00, but come early for your dinner - this week - TACOS!! There is beer and wine available as well.
Thursday at 6:30 - Ground hog day Club Championship game
Saturday 12:30 - ACBL wide International Fund game.

BRIDGE & CHOCOLATE - Ladies only!! It is time for our 18th Bridge & Chocolate Game.  Saturday February 11th.  Game time 12:30.  We will be cutting off the entries at 20 teams, so sign up early to avoid disappointment.  This game is 4 rounds of 6 boards with lots of chocolate on the side.  ALL female players no matter what your level of expertise are invited to come and play.  

Tonight’s quiz is challenging for the beginning bridge players and insightful for the intermediate.  I will hope that all the advancing players will know the answer in a fraction of a second. Everyone should give a look at these questions.

How many tricks would expect to win in this suit combination, you have NO outside entry to the dummy:

         The Dummy
          D – A K 8 6 5 2

         Your Hand
          D – 7 4
What is the order in which you will play this suit?

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
Your partner opens with a (pre-emptive) bid of 3D, non-vulnerable.  Your vulnerable Right Hand Opponent makes a takeout double.  What would you do holding the following:

         S – 5 4 2
         H – 8 6
         D – K 9 5 2
         C – J 10 9 3

Solution:  If you look at your TRICKS, it appears that you and your partner will not win very many on defense, but with diamonds as trumps you are likely to win 8 or 9.  You have NO defense; the opponents can easily make 10 tricks in either major suit as trumps.  In order to make like more difficult for them – bid 5 Diamonds.  Even if you are doubled and down 3 that is only -500, whereas if they make their contract of 4H or 4S it is a -620 for your side.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
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