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TIP OF THE WEEK: After you open the bidding 1C (or 1D) and consider your rebid holding a 6-card minor and about 16 HCP.  Jump to 3C (or D) with A K J 10 8 3 this suit is a source of tricks.  But simply rebid just 2C(or D) with your 16 HCP with K J 8 7 4 2 too difficult to set up for tricks.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Congratulations to the SPENCER team (Nancy Spencer, Linda Smith, Elaine Black & Janet Moulton) for coming first in the Saturday Up the Ranks.  Congrats to Kate MacIsaac and partner for winning the LUCKYSCORE $384.00 Wednesday evening!
A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU - To Nancy Spencer who will be donating a defibulator to the Bridge Studio in memory of her husband John.  There will be training for all our directors and a few more interested people.  Right now we are looking at Sunday February 5th or Sunday February 12th.  If you are interested in taking this 4 hour course, please contact me for details kmacnab@eastlink.ca Thank you Nancy.

WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK AT THE BRIDGE STUDIOALL games this week are just $10.00 including the JUNIOR FUND GAMES:
-- Wednesday evening at 7:00 -DINNER: homemade "Roasted Tomato Soup" and cheese bread.
-- Thursday evening at 6:30 - ONLY for players with fewer than 1000 mstpts.

All classes are underway, and going well.  There is space for one more in the Wednesday evening "Popular Conventions" class as well as the Monday morning "Planning the Play".  If you are interested in joining either class  please let me know kmacnab@eastlink.ca.  Anyone is welcome to drop in to any class for $15.00, but please contact the instructor in advance.

Your partner opens with a (pre-emptive) bid of 3D, non-vulnerable.  Your vulnerable Right Hand Opponent makes a takeout double.  What would you do holding the following:

        S 5 4 2
        H 8 6
        D K 9 5 2
        C J 10 9 3

Answer  to Last Week's Quiz:
The person on your right opens the bidding with 1H.  What would you do with the following hand?
        S 10 3
        H 3
        D A Q J 7 3
        C A K 9 4 2

Solution:  You should overcall 2D.  Even if you have a conventional agreement I think it is more helpful to bid the higher ranking of your two 5-card suits.  This way if you have a second opportunity to bid you can bid your club suit.  Partner will get a better picture.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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