M C & G  Bridge Studio   15-Jan-2017

TIP  OF THE WEEK: Remember to keep re-evaluating your hand as the auction goes on.  A good fitting hand with partner is worth more.  Having shortness in partner’s suit does not add value to your hand.  If your Left Hand Opponent has bid one of your suits – this takes away some value, however if Right Hand Opponent has bid one of your suits – you can add value.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: This week I want to send out KUDOS to the bridge  teachers at the Studio. They  are all knowledgeable, professional and friendly.  I am fortunate enough to have these pleasant people teaching the game we all love.  Some are not on this winter's schedule, but I hope to be able to find a spot for them in the Spring.  Thank you for all your contribution to the Bridge Studio.  CONGRATULATIONS to the Team of Val McClintock, Scott Rappard, Michael Ross & Sandra MacPherson - winning today's team game with 76/80 -WOW!

WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK AT THE BRIDGE STUDIO:  This month is JUNIOR FUND MONTH - for the next two weeks we will be holding some special JUNIOR FUND GAMES.  The extra  $1.00  for these games goes to the training of our Canadian Junior Teams.  Junior Fund games this week:

Monday Jan. 16 - 12:30
Wednesday Jan. 18 - 7:00  -- Your dinner will be ready for 6:30 - this week Spaghetti casserole - wine & beer too!
Thursday Jan. 19 - 6:30  -- 999er game. 
Friday Jan. 20 - 12:30
Saturday Jan. 21 - Up The Ranks Team game  (sorry, we cannot accept any more teams  - we are FULL)

Don't forget our NEW "No Zeros" game on Thursday at 12:30.  Jan. 12th was our first game and NO ONE had a game without a (board) score less than ONE Matchpoint! - the POT is rolled over!
Lucky Score - Tuesday night and Wednesday night - over $370.00.

Bridge in a Day was a huge success - and we have lots of new students.  All classes begin this week, so if you were thinking about joining in on one of our classes - let me know ASAP - Play of the Hand; Competitive Bidding, Defense, Popular Conventions - just email me: kmacnab@eastlink.ca

The person on your right opens the bidding with 1H.  What would you do with the following hand?
        S – 10 3
        H – 3
        D – A Q J 7 3
        C – A K 9 4 2

Answer  to Last Week's Quiz:
On defense – which card do you play after declarer leads from their hand toward the dummy?
                 The Dummy
                  D – A 10 3
D – K 7 5
               Leading the D – J
Solution: Now is NOT the time to play second hand low – cover the honour.  Maybe partner has the Q and 9, which surrounds the D-10.  If declarer is trying to fool you and also holds the D-Q, there is nothing you can do.  If declarer has the D-J9, then your side is only entitled to one trick.  Cover this honour with an honour.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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