M C & G  Bridge Studio   8-Jan-2017

TIP  OF THE WEEK: With five trumps headed by the Ace or King plus a side-suit singleton, raise partner’s one-level major-suit opening bid or overcall to game!   It is a GAME TRY – you bid game and partner tries to make it!

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS:  KUDOS to everyone who played bridge this week - our Sectional Tournament aClubs was sponsored by our own ACBL Unit 194. We had 135 tables and gave out oodles of SILVER POINTS!  Congratulations to Sue & Bill Ellis - Friday morning they scored 74.32%.  Well done everyone for a great week!

WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK AT THE BRIDGE STUDIO- We will be holding just 3 more STaC games which are sponsored by Chicoutimi  (Unit 199).  These three games will be TUESDAY afternoon (499ers); Wednesday evening 7:00 - OPEN and THURSDAY 6:30 (999ers). Again - SILVER POINTS.
Please Note ~ ~ ~ ONE MORE TEAM GAME ADDITION TO THE CALENDAR - Sunday January 15th at 12:30- CNTC Last Chance game.  This game is TRIPLE/RED Points.  Just for those that MIGHT go to Winnipeg for the Canadian Championships - we have flights A (OPEN); B (0-2500); C (0-1000).  Just FOUR rounds of SEVEN boards, lots of food and fun, supporting the CANADIAN BRIDGE FEDERATION.  -- Sign up sheet at the Studio.

BRIDGE IN A DAY - Saturday January 14th.  11:00 - 3:00.  Tell your friends and family.  The perfect opportunity  to test out BRIDGE - and it is FREE!
Want to improve and enjoy YOUR game more  - check  out the variety of lessons we are offering starting January 16th - there is something for everyone.  Not sure which course fits you, contact Jill or me for more information - 902-443-4676  or 902-446-3910.  Or go to this link and read all about it. You can register online as well.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION & REGISTRATION

THE ROTARY 50/50 DRAW - Don't forget to deposit your toonie into the box at the Studio, and your chance to WIN and also support one of the many worthwhile projects initiated by the Rotary Club.  This week's Jackpot is over $550.00.  REMEMBER they now pick up the toonies on TUESDAY AFTERNOONS!!

LUCKY SCORE - Every Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening you may enter the LUCKY SCORE - a random score is selected and if you end the evening with that score you win the pot, no winner the pot continues - currently the pot is worth over $360.00.  $1.00 per pair to play!

SOMETHING NEW - NO ZEROS GAMEThursday afternoons only!  Pay a $1.00 per pair to enter.  If you have a score with NO zeros (and NO halves) you WIN the pot.  If not won, it rolls over to the next week. More than one winner - the pot is split.  Add to the fun - add to the challenge.  Starting THIS Thursday!!

On defense – which card do you play after declarer leads from their hand toward the dummy?
                 The Dummy
                  D – A 10 3
D – K 7 5
               Leading the D – J

Answer  to Last Week's Quiz:
You are defending a hand and declarer plays the H-2 from hand toward dummy.  Which card should you play? Why? And how many tricks should declarer get in this suit?

                 North (dummy)
                 H – Q 7 5
West (you)                        East (partner)
  H – K 8 4                         H – ? ?
                 South (declarer)
                  H – 2

Solution: Play LOW – that bridge maxim ‘second hand low’ works, if you play low, declarer gets NO tricks in this suit as partner will beat the H-Q and when declarer plays back to the hand you will beat the H-J.  If you take your king, declarer is guaranteed one heart trick.
                 North (dummy)
                 H – Q 7 5
West (you)                        East (partner)
  H – K 8 4                         H – A 10 9 3
                 South (declarer)
                  H – J 6 2

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio

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