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        *****  HAPPY NEW YEAR   *****  January calendar attached
TIP  OF THE WEEK: Count tricks when pre-empting.  If you have the tricks, you don’t need the points.  But even if you have the points, you still need the tricks.  (from Eddie Kantar’s 554 IMPROVE YOUR PARTNER’S GAME TIPS).

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS:  Congratulations to Sheila Cardone - FIRST in the Holiday Party Individual, 80 people played and Sheila beat them all!!  Congratulations to the Holiday Championship pairs winners ~~ Jim Mathers and Rosemary Sampson! KUDOS for everyone who brought some delicious food to the party - Appetizers all afternoon, salads with ham, chili, and soup followed by wonderful desserts  - You are amazing. 

WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS FIRST WEEK of 2017:  STaC Week.  Yes it is a week long Sectional tournament.  All games will be awarding SILVER POINTS.  I have attached a schedule of the events for the week, don't miss out.  Sign up early for the the team game.  Lunch included on Saturday, Brunch on Sunday for the PAIRS game.
WEDNESDAY EVENING GAME has moved BACK to 7:00.  I will still make a light dinner which should be ready for about 6:30.  We will strive to have you finished early, so come a play - this week is SILVER points.

BRIDGE IN A DAY - Saturday January 14th.  11:00 - 3:00.  Tell your friends and family.  The perfect opportunity  to test out BRIDGE - and it is FREE!
Want to improve and enjoy YOUR game more  - check  out the variety  of lessons we are offering starting January 16th - there is something for everyone.  Not  sure which course fits you, contact Jill or me for more  information - 902-443-4676  or 902-446-3910.  Or go to this link LESSONS and read all about it. You can register online as well.

You are defending a hand and declarer plays the H-2 from hand toward dummy.  Which card should you play? Why?  How many tricks are you hoping declarer can only win in this suit?

                 North (dummy)
                 H – Q 7 5
West (you)                        East (partner)
  H – K 8 4                         H – ? ? ? ?
                 South (declarer)
                  H – 2

Answer  to Last Week's Quiz:
The Auction:
 North     East      South     West
                               1NT     pass
 2H*       pass         2S        pass        (*2H=transfer to spades)
 3NT**    pass       4S***    all pass     (**3NT  indicates only 5 spades and 10+ points)
                                                           (*** 4S= 3 card spade suit and preference of contracts)

         S – A J 7 6 3
         H – 8 7 3
         D – A J 5
         C – 6 4


         S – K 10 4
         H – K 5 2
         D – K Q 10 7 2
         C – A 3
You must win 10 tricks and can only lose 3 tricks.  What is you plan?

Solution:    You have 1 spade loser, 1 club loser, and possibly 3 heart losers.  If West holds the H-A, and East gets on lead with the H-Q you are in big trouble.  The first thing to recognize is that you DO NOT want East to be on lead.  You have a two-way finesse in the spade suit you are missing 5 cards including the Queen you can finesse toward the K/10 in your hand or the A/J in dummy.  To keep EAST off lead you must finesse to the K/10 in your hand – you do not mind losing to West.  If you win the first club with the Ace, there is a chance that West might under lead their honour to get East to lead a heart – to prevent this you should refuse to win the first club lead and wait for the second club.    The Play: win second club, go to  S-A, play toward the S-10.  Win West’s return, eliminate the rest of opponent’s trumps, play diamonds discarding dummy’s clubs and use the long trump in dummy to ruff your hearts.     You will only lose, 1 spade, 1 heart  and 1 club.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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