M C & G  Bridge Studio   27-Dec-2016

TIP  OF THE WEEK: Do not open the bidding with any hand that you would be ashamed to put down as dummy.  (from Eddie Kantar’s 554 IMPROVE YOUR PARTNER’S GAME TIPS).

Bill & I wish everyone all the best in the New Year.  We hope you had a Merry Christmas with family and friends.

HOLIDAY PARTY - As with Bridge Studio tradition our HOLIDAY PARTY will be just before the New Year.  Friday December 30th is the date!  And as with tradition, we have two games to play and both are FREE OF CHARGE - our gift to you.
This year will be another POT LUCK. Jill is making Chili, Dodi is making soup and this year I am cooking a ham.  The rest is Pot Luck  - Let us hope  we have some nice salads to go with the ham.  Someone might want to  bring rolls. Snack food for the daytime, and desserts for the evening game.  Leftovers welcome!
FIRST game starts at 1:30 pm - This is a CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP INDIVIDUAL game "Party Bridge".  We try to get in as many  different partners as possible.  So come and play NO partner needed - we encourage everyone  to take part - students, newbies and even the experts - Come for the fun and what away to meet the players.
SECOND game - begins at 7:00 and is a CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP PAIRS game. No partner, no worry, someone from the afternoon game will also be looking to play.
Between games - our  wonderful "Pot Luck" dinner. . and what would Christmas be without our BRIDGE BINGO game - LOTS OF PRIZES & POINTS TO BE WON!!

WEDNESDAY evening - 6:30 we have the last COPC club qualifier - for this year!  Remember these points are TRIPLE & RED!  I will have a light dinner available for 6:10.  WEDNESDAY IS GOING BACK TO 7:00 as of JANUARY 4, 2017.  I will still produce a light dinner for 6:30 and we will start promptly at 7:00 and stive to play 24 boards in less than 3 hours.
THURSDAY EVENING 6:30PM, 999er pairs is scheduled as a COPC - but it cannot be held for a limited game.  So it will be a MEMBERSHIP game which offers TRIPLE points to all ACBL members.

SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT at CLUBS (STaC)  Monday January 2nd - Sunday January 8th
SILVER POINTS All Week Long - All Pair games and the Saturday Swiss will be SECTIONALLY Rated SILVER points.  This STaC is sponsored by our own UNIT 194, come and play.  Sign up sheet for the team game is up at the Studio.  We anticipate having the event Strati-flighted.  A/X (A=Open; X= up to 2500) & B,C,D (D=0-100; C=100-500; B=500-1000).  We will have lots of snacks available.  Cost of  2 session team game will be $20.00 per person.  Sunday Jan. 8th is a PAIRS game.

LESSONS ARE READY TO GO - Follow this  link -- < LESSONS >  We have classes that should appeal from beginner to advancing players - check them out.

Bridge in a Day - Saturday January 14th - 11:00 - 3:00 Bring your own lunch.. 

The Auction:
 North     East      South     West
                             1NT       pass
 2H*       pass        2S        pass      (*2H=transfer to spades)
 3NT**    pass       4S***   all pass   (**3NT  indicates only 5 spades and 10+ points)
                                                        (*** 4S= 3 card spade suit and preference of contracts)

          S – A J 7 6 3
          H – 8 7 3
          D – A J 5
          C – 6 4


          S – K 10 4
          H – K 5 2
          D – K Q 10 7 2
          C – A 3
You must win 10 tricks and can only lose 3 tricks.  What is your plan?

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
Your RHO opens the bidding with 2S.  What do you bid with:
       S – K 4
       H – 5 4
       D – A 3
       C – A K Q 6 5 4 3

Solution:  Bid 3NT – you (more than likely) have 7 clubs tricks, 1 diamond, and with a  spade lead, 1S.  Are you worried  they might lead a hearts and then have the spade through your K 4 – a little, so just close your eyes until the lead is made.  If it does not work, go onto the next hand.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio

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