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TIP OF THE WEEK: The Rule of 29 - - In Matchpoint play it is suggested by the experts that if you hold a balanced 14HCP and partner opens 1NT – Just bid 3NT.  Do not worry about Stayman and a 4-4 major suit fit.  Believe that simply by the sheer POWER of the fitting hands you will make the same number of tricks as a major suit contract.  In a matchpoint game you will score better in NoTrump  than in a suit contract.  (from Gary Brown's notebook)

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Thank you to Gary Brown for the FREE clinic this afternoon, thoroughly enjoyed by all 49 attendees.  We thank Gary for sharing his bridge wisdom and his time.  Gary has also invited you to take his I.Q. test.  Sent out about every 4 or  5 weeks, see if you can answer all the questions - to get in on the action email Gary at ezeriah78@gmail.com and simply title it "IQ".  Congratulations to the Christmas 'Up the Ranks" winners: Daniel Labrie, Mike Ross, Linda Walker, Marilyn Bernardo.


Monday night at 6:30.  A special Christmas bridge game and party for the "Just Play Bridge" Monday night gang.  Liz  is in Toronto, you will be in the more than capable hands of Carol & Doug Hamilton to host the party and direct your game.  Come EARLY - 6:30 will be game time.
Wednesday night at 6:30 is an ACBL wide International Fund game.  Special hand analysis. A light dinner will be ready for 6:10, game time is 6:30.  Don't miss out you could be an ACBL wide winner!!
Three Bridge Studio club championships this week - Tuesday at 7:00, Wednesday at 9:30am & Thursday at 12:30.  All games are just $10.00 and we will have some Egg Nog & Christmas treats PLUS prizes for the winners.
Only a few CBF Open Pairs games left.  This week we have one on Friday the 23rd at 12:30.  TRIPLE POINTS

BRIDGE STUDIO HOLIDAY PARTY  Friday December 30th -- 1:30  for the Individual Club Championship Game and 7:00 for the Christmas Pairs Club Championship.  This is our GIFT to you, NO GAME FEES.  Pot Luck dinner to follow the Individual Game.  I will be cooking a ham, Jill will have the Chili, Dodi has offered some home made soup.  All we need now is some salads and dessert and we will have a feast.  MARK THE DATE

Still looking for Christmas gifts - don't  forget to visit our bridge table of books and gifts.  You can buy individual FREE PLAYS for that special someone - you can purchase a Game Card - 11 games for $100.00.  The director can help you out.

FOR THE STUDENTS OF THE GAME:  BRIDGE IN A DAY - Saturday January 14th.  11:00 - 3:00.  One day (four hours) to the introduction to bridge and it is FREE!  Tell your friends, bring your relatives.  It is a great way to find out if bridge is the game for you.
LESSONS begin the week of January 16th.  Bridge Basics, Competitive bidding, Popular Conventions, Play of the Hand, Defense - it is all here.  Please see attached flyer.

Your RHO opens the bidding with 2S.  What do you bid with:
       S – K 4
       H – 5 4
       D – A 3
       C – A K Q 6 5 4 3

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
The Auction:
West     North(partner)    East    South(you)
  1H         P                     3H           P
  4H       All Pass

Your partner in North leads the D-10

Which card do you play from your hand (South)  holding:
       S – J 9 7 4 2
       H – 6
       D – J 7 2
       C – J 10 9 3

Solution:  Thinking the hand through you know that partner has all the cards for your side, so basically you do not want to give anything away.  Having partner switching to another suit could be dangerous.  Play the ENCOURAGING D-7, if declarer has the D-A, K, Q – partner’s points are elsewhere – let declarer find them.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio

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