M C & G  Bridge Studio   11-Dec-2016

TIP  OF THE WEEK: Responding to partner’s take out double feel free to add 1 point for an unbid 5-card suit, and even 3 points for unbid 6-card suit.  If you have two of the unbid suits – you and your partner are on a double fit – so bid accordingly.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: CONGRATULATIONS to the team of  Gary Brown, Hind Blick, Mary MacKay & Kristie Misener for WINNING the CNTC club qualifier.  Hope you are considering going  to WINNIPEG for the Canadian National Finals.
Sad news from the Studio - our garbage has been rejected!  It appears that someone threw a sandwich (organic) into the regular garbage and the garbage police left us a 'Warning Sticker'.  It would be  very helpful if everyone would be consious of where the garbage goes - Organic, recycable, reusable, paper, and then the other stuff.

UP THE RANKS  0-1000 Christmas Team Game -- Saturday December 17th.  Game time 12:30.  Lots of treats for everyone and special Christmas PRIZES for the winning team. We are almost full so if you were thinking of playing let Jill know  so she can do her best to find you a team (jmariem@eastlink.ca)

"Time to Unwind"- Christmas Club Championship - Tuesday (13th) 12:30
"Getting ready for Christmas" Club Championship Wednesday (14th) 6:30 - dinner at 6:10 CC prizes
999er Christmas Club  ChampionshipThursday (15th) 6:30
"I am almost done Christmas Shopping" Club Championship - Friday (16th) 12:30

FOR THE STUDENTS OF THE GAME:  A CHRISTMAS GIFT from GARY BROWN.  On Sunday December 18th, Gary Brown is offering a very special FREE seminar  (a gift from Gary & the Bridge Studio).  "10 TOP TIPS UP & COMING PLAYERS NEED TO KNOW"!  Beginning at 12:30 to 3:00. This workshop for the "Up & Coming" and will include several pearls of wisdom including: Responding with 8 points to partner's 1NT and other borderline responses; The Rule of 29; Fit Showing Bids and much more.  Bring a note book.  This seminar is FREE, so come an absorb.  Flyer ATTACHED

The Auction:
West     North(partner)    East    South(you)
  1H           P                         3H          P
  4H          All Pass

Your partner in North leads the D-10
   Lead: D-10
                     The Dummy (East)
                      S - Q 8 5
                      H - Q J 10 8
                      D - K Q 5
                      C - Q 7 2
Which card do you play from the your hand (South)  holding:
S – J 9 7 4 2
H – 6
D – J 7 2
C – J 10 9 3

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:  You and your partner have bid to a 3NT contract.
West leads the S-2,  what is your plan to collect 9 tricks.

   S – 7 4
   H – A 3
   D – 9 7 4
   C – A 10 8 6 5 3
Lead : 2-S
   S – A K 5 3
   H – K 8 5 4
   D – A K 6
   C – 4 2
Solution: You win the first spade, count your tricks  - 2 spades, 2 hearts, 2 diamonds, and 1 club.  BUT you have lots of clubs – 8 to be exact, defenders have 5 and any luck they will break 3-2.  Decision #1, do not think about ‘ducking’ the spade lead, West started with the S-2, therefore has just 4 spades – they will always win 2 of them.  You can afford to lose TWO club tricks.  So play a club and DUCK it, win the spade return and play a club to the ACE and a third club.  They win, take two spade tricks and you win whatever comes back.  You of course have preserved  the H-A as an entry  to all those pretty little clubs.  NINE tricks.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio

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