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TIP OF THE WEEK: Be aggressive in bidding with “fitting hands”, (lots of trumps in each hand, a fit in a second suit).  Be conservative with NON-fitting hands.  

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: KUDOS to all who came and played in our SOUL'S HARBOUR RESCUE MISSION fundraising Christmas Charity Game.  I have lots of sealed envelopes but from my count the donations are in excess of $500.00 with a cheque from the CBF for another $500.00 that is over 321 meals for our friends at Soul's Harbour.  Thank you everyone.  Congratulations to our winners of the day - Jim & Brenda Kirby!


Canadian Open Pairs - Club Qualified - Wednesday at 6:30.  Come early for some hot soup and make your own tuna or egg salad sandwiches - all the fixings will be there.  Plus there is beer and wine available ($2.50).  It is always nice to get together on Wednesday night for a light meal and a well run, quiet, enjoyable bridge  game - home by 10:00 or earlier!  Dinner, Game & Points  - $10.00
Thursday 6:30 will be a CHARITY CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (Not a COPC) with prizes for the winners.
SUNDAY DECEMBER 11th - 12:30 - TEAM GAME.  Canadian National Team Championships, club qualifier.  There will be THREE stratums for this game: A = OPEN; B = No player on the team with more than 2500 masterpoints; C = No player on the team with more than 1000 masterpoints.  The masterpoint awards are RED and TRIPLE club game awards.  And this qualifies you to play in the Canadian Championships at the end of April and early May.  Sign up sheet at the Bridge Studio - or email me at: kmacnab@eastlink.ca

FOR THE STUDENTS OF THE GAME:  A special Christmas game on Monday December 19th for our "Just Play Bridge" players.  The game starts at 6:30 with Pot Luck Finger Foods, cash bar and fun with cards.

Bridge lessons will be beginning the second week of January, and to kick it off we have a FREE Bridge in a Day on Saturday January 14th - tell your friends!

You and your partner have bid to a 3NT contract.
West leads the S-2.  What is your plan to collect 9 tricks.

        S – 7 4
        H – A 3
        D – 9 7 4
        C – A 10 8 6 5 3
Lead : 2-S
        S – A K 5 3
        H – K 8 5 4
        D – A K 6
        C – 4 2

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
Sitting South, you open the bidding with 1 Spade, holding the following hand:
        S – A Q J 8 5
        H  - 6
        D – K Q 8
        C – A 10 7 3

Your partner responds 2-S, back to you.  What is your rebid?

Solution:  You do not have enough to jump to 4-S and too much to just pass.  Some people just bid 3-S with their 16 HCP.  But let us take a closer look.  Hearts are useless, unless partner has specifically the Ace- you have a heart loser, and same in diamonds.  But would it not be real nice if partner could hold an honor card in the club suit to go along with your Ace.  Bid 3C - this would be looking for HELP in clubs.  This new suit is never to play in – you have agreed on SPADES.  As it turns out partner holds FOUR spades with the C-K & C-Q so with their 6 HCP they originally bid 2-S.  But with the enlightened information that you want HELP in clubs and responder has HELP with the K & Q of clubs, plus the added benefit of the 4th trump; partner will jump to FOUR spades.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
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