M C & G  Bridge Studio   27-Nov-2016

TIP  OF THE WEEK: When there is only one trump out and it is the master trump, there is usually no point in drawing it.  The defender’s trump is going to make a trick anyway, so why waste two or your low trumps for their known winner.  You will draw their good trump if you have a long running suit in dummy and you do not want them to interrupt your fun by trumping in.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: This week I would like to give a BIG Kudos to our Monday night "Just Play Bridge".  Liz Legacy with her special "Weekly Tip" and to Doug & Carol Hamilton and Brian Ferguson who are always cheerful 'fill-ins' and advisors.  We have gone from 3 tables up to 11 or 12 tables each Monday night.  If anyone knows someone who wants to get their feet wet at the Bridge Table, bring them along to our friendly Monday Night Just Play Bridge Game.  Also this month we had a couple of BIG game - Sue & Bill Ellis with a 75% game and Ev Lukan & Darryl Steeves with a 77.38% game -- and they all had lots of fun getting there!!


Cocktails, Pairing of Partnerships, Auction  -- Friday December 2, 2016 - beginning at 6:30 pm
Championship - BRIDGE GAME - Saturday December 3,2016 - beginning at 12:30
A Calcutta is a fun, competitive way for everyone to get in the action to raise money for charity - OUR CHARITY - Soul's Harbour Rescue Mission
NON-life Master players will be randomly selected to partner with LIFE Master partners.
All players pay $25.00 to play.
After the partnerships are made - EVERYONE is invited to bid on participating pairs that they think might make it into the top FOUR placings.  The owners win a portion of the 'Purse' from the Calcutta pool.
On Saturday the Bridge game takes place, with everyone rooting for their favourite pair.
More information and details on how to participate is attached.
The TOP four placings on Saturday will win FREE plays, compliments of the Bridge Studio
Friday night will be a special night - NO bridge will be played, the fun will begin.
Just remember - it is always fun, it is Christmas and it is for Charity!!

Wednesday NIGHT - 6:30 - COPC (RED pts) TRIPLE Ptsgame.  Dinner 6:10. 

Sitting South, you open the bidding with 1 Spade, holding the following hand:
        S – A Q J 8 5
        H  - 6
        D – K Q 8
        C – A 10 7 3

Your partner responds 2-Spades, back to you.  What is your rebid?

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
The Auction:
 West      North(partner)    East     South(you)
  1S             2C                 2H            ??

                                    What do you bid holding:
                                       S – 7
                                       H – J 10 5
                                       D – Q 9 8 3 2
                                       C – Q 9 7 3
Solution: Jump to 4 clubs.  In competitive auctions it is best to treat jumps as pre-emptive; you can cuebid (bid the opponent’s suit) with a limit raise.  The singleton spade plus the 4th club makes your hand much more oriented to offence than defense.  By showing your hand type you invite partner to sacrifice in 5 clubs with a similar orientation.  Your partner should not be thinking you have a preponderance of high cards when West & East have shown over half the points in their two hands.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
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