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TIP  OF THE WEEK: Don't forget to RE-EVALUATE your hand when responding to parter's Take Out Double – you should not count points for queens or jacks in the opener’s suit.  But if you plan on responding in NoTrump, which shows values (at least 6 HCP for 1NT) then you should count the queens and jacks in the opponent’s suit.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: John Olsen, Diane  Livingston, Bud Feron and Gerry Latta - WINNERS of  Saturday's 19 team Up the Ranks Game! CONGRATULATIONS.  Kudos to Victor Lamoureux on the fine job he is doing teaching his first Beginner Bridge Class on Thursday mornings - so far - so good.
WARM WISHES to Annie Williams - welcome home and the Bridge Studio wishes you much success in your recovery process.  To all the Bridge players - you can call Annie or visit her at the Halifax Infirmary 7th floor - room 22.  It would be appreciated if you would call in advance 902-719-6549, the room is very small.  Her progress is going well, but she would love to see how everyone else is doing and see some friendly faces.

Who is looking for SILVER POINTS - we have TWO such games this week - Tuesday at 12:30 (499er) and Thursday at 6:30 (999er).  Special hands played all over Eastern  Canada. $11.00 per game.
Tuesday Nov. 22nd - 7:00 - ACBL-WIDE CHARITY GAME - Special Hand Annalysis, extra masterpoints AND an extra $1.00
2nd half of the CNTC club qualifier - currently leading the team of G. Brown, H. Blick, M. MacKay & R. Sampson with 3 wins and 56 VPs, with a close second from V. McClintock, C. Weir, R. Hubley & D.Gibson 3 wins and 52 VPs.  All can change quickly in the final matches.  If anyone who played last week cannot make it to the next round, let me know- I have a pair waiting to play.
Friday at 12:30 - COPC club qualifying game only $10.00 with bonus RED Masterpoints
GRAND NATIONAL TEAMS - Club Qualifying - scheduled for Saturday the 26th at 12:30 ($12.00).  Lots of snacks and cash bar.  Come for the fun - the game is stratified with A=OPEN; B= 0-2500 and flight C = 0-500 non-life masters.  Sign up sheet at the Bridge Studio.

2nd Annual Soul Harbour  Charity Calcutta - Friday December 2nd  6:30 will be a Cocktail Party  with Partnership Draw and Auction.  The auction will be conducted by our favourite MC - Mr. Gerry Callaghan.  Don't miss the action - and you certainly do not want to miss the  fun.  Last year we raised close to $1,000.00 for Soul's Harbour Rescue Mission.  Please see attached  flyer.  Sign up at the Bridge Studio.  If you would like to come with your own partner- not a problem - minimum bid on pre-arranged  partnerships will be $50.00.  All other bids will be started by our MC.  Duplicate game to start Saturday at 12:30.   Register or questions  - contact me: kmacnab@eastlink.ca

The Auction:
 West   North(partner)    East     South(you)
  1S           2C                 2H         ??

                                    What do you bid holding:
                                       S – 7
                                       H – J 10 5
                                       D – Q 9 8 3 2
                                       C – Q 9 7 3

Answer to last week's quiz:
Your contract is 4 Hearts.  What is your plan to make 10 tricks?

S – K 6 3 2
H – A 4 2
D – 8 7 4 3
C – 6 5

Opening Lead: S-Q

S – A 4
H – K Q J 10 8 7
D – A 6
C – J 8 3

Solution:   You have 6 hearts tricks, 2 spade tricks & 1 diamond for 9 tricks you need one more.  Or if you count your losers you have 3 club losers and 1 heart loser.  The way to gain and extra trick (or eliminate a loser) is to ruff a club in dummy.  It is really tempting to pull the trumps first, but if you do that and they break 3-1, which is more likely than 2-2 you will not have a trump in dummy to ruff the club loser.  So win the S-K and immediately play a club toward your hand.  Win the second trick and play another club.  Now you can ruff the third club in the dummy, pull trump and just give up one diamond – winning 10 tricks.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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