M C & G  Bridge Studio   13-Nov-2016

TIP  OF THE WEEK: Vulnerable two-level overcalls should promise strong suits plus something resembling an opening bid.  Minor-suit two-level overcalls tend to show six-card suits, however an overcall of 2H may be just a 5 card suit.  Remember your partner will treat your overcall as a REAL bid and respond accordingly.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners at the Halifax Fall Sectional tournament.  Actually everyone is a winner as  we had a huge turnout, so thank you for playing.  KUDOS to all that helped out to make the tournament a success! Caddies: Carole Anne Patterson & Val Brisco.  Set up: Jill McCormick. Welcoming: Helen Prowse & Kate McIsaac.  Candy: Marilyn Bernardo.  50/50: Linda Smith & Cynthia Burney.  Pizza: Stuart  Eastwood. Plus all the helpers

CANADIAN NATIONAL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Club Qualifying game TWO SESSIONS.  Get your team organized, up to 6 players allowed.  First half will be WEDNESDAY NOV. 16th, 6:30 and the Second half will be held on WEDNESDAY NOV. 23rd.  This is a  RED point event with TRIPLE masterpoints awards. PLUS a qualification to participate in the Canadian  Championships at the end of April. Come early and I will have a little light supper for you!
Monday (14th) at 12:30 a Canadian Open Pairs Qualifying - (RED point awards).
Thursday (17th) at 12:30 - another COPC club game
Thursday (17th) 6:30 - a  Charity Club Championship game.  
Saturday (19th) - Up the Ranks Team 0-1000 team game.  There are a few slots left, so if you were considering playing let Jill know as soon as possible.

Your contract is 4 Hearts.  What is your plan to make 10 tricks?

        S – K 6 3 2
        H – A 4 2
        D – 8 7 4 3
        C – 6 5

Opening Lead: S-Q

        S – A 4
        H – K Q J 10 8 7
        D – A 6
        C – J 8 3

Answer to last week's game:
You open the bidding with 1 spade, RHO passes and partner bids 3 Spades, typically 10 – 12 points invitational and LHO passes.
Here are TWO hands you could hold:
A) S – A Q 10 6 5 4    H – Q J 2     D – K Q       C – K J
B) S – Q J 6 5 4     H – void     D – A K J 8 7     C – A 9 4

Both are very good hands and you will go to game with either.  But one has “Slam potential” which one would you think has a better chance of collecting 12 tricks opposite partner 10-12?
Solution:  Hand B has more slam potential because it is rich in FIRST round controls (Aces & voids).  Hand A is loaded with HCPoints but poor in controls.  Sign off in 4 spades with hand A but try for slam with hand B – if you understand cue bidding bid 4 clubs, otherwise invite the slam with one above game ( 5 spades).

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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