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**PLEASE NOTE:  MONDAY AFTERNOON BRIDGE BEGINS (THIS WEEK ONLY) AT 12:45 PM.  Due to the Absolute Beginner Class with Audrey Grant  - we have delayed the start time of our Monday afternoon game this week.  Please be patient - someone will be in the hall with you while Audrey finishes the class, Thank you.  KJMH
TIP OF THE WEEK: Vulnerable two-level overcalls promise strong suits plus something resembling an opening bid.  Minor-suit two-level overcalls tend to show six-card suits, however an overcall of 2H may be just a 5 card suit.  Remember your partner will treat your overcall as a REAL bid unless you PASS at your next opportunity.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Winners of the North American Pairs  flight 'A' are Brian & Fran Delong from Kingston, 2nd place- Bill Knoll Jr.  & Herb Water, New Glasgow.  Flight 'C' winner:  Kent Ritchie & Michael Ross, Halifax.  Second Place Michael Hogan & Maureen Steiner, Halifax.  Congratulations and Good Luck in Kansas City!!  These players will be representing District 1 at the Spring NABCs.   CONGRATULATIONS to this week's 70% game - John Ayer & Carol Thompson with 70.54% on Wednesday at 9:30 am.  A Big Thank you to Audrey Grant for the wonderful workshops for our new and advancing players on ENTRIES and her presentation to the ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS on Monday.  We are happy that Victor Lamoureux has offered to teach a NEW beginner course beginning on Thursday November 10th at 9:30 am.  Anyone interested please let me know.  We expect several from Monday's workshop.

Monday at 12:45 we will have a Club Championship Game  - Double Points and prizes - thank you for waiting an extra 15 minutes to play.
WEDNESDAY Nov. 9th -- THE BRIDGE STUDIO'S 19TH ANNUAL MEMORIAL CHARITY CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.  This special game is to recognize all our players who are no longer at our tables.  We miss them and remember them, please join us for appetizers and a glass of wine as we toast their incredible contributions to our game.  

HALIFAX FALL SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT - Mt. St.  Vincent University.  Friday Nov. 11th, Saturday 12th  & Sunday 13th. Please see attached schedule.  Hope you will all be there to enjoy our LAST tournament of the year.  Remember Saturday  is STRATI-FLIGHTED - A/X on one side and B/C/D on the other.  Sunday is stratified as well.  Bill Halliday will be responsible for partnerships, so if you wish to play, contact him at bhalliday@eastlink.ca (we aim to please).  Door prizes & 50/50 draw, celebration cake and more.   Meet our fantastic welcoming committee.  All is good, see you at the Mount.

You open the bidding with 1 spade, RHO passes and partner bids 3 Spades, (typically 10 – 12 points invitational) and LHO passes.
Here are TWO hands you could hold:
A) S – A Q 10 6 5 4    H – Q J 2     D – K Q       C – K J
B) S – Q J 6 5 4     H – void     D – A K J 8 7     C – A 9 4

Both are very good hand and you will go to game with either.  But one has “Slam potential” which one would you think has a better chance of collecting 12 tricks opposite partner's 10-12 point limit raise?

Answer to last week's game:
Your partner opens the bidding with 1H and your RHO passes.  What is your responding call with this hand:
S – J 5 3
H – K 10 9 4 3
D – 10 6
C – K 10 2
Answer:  Lately everyone wants to jump to 4 hearts with this hand (the law of total tricks), but seriously this is not a bad hand with great trump support.  Just bid 2Hearts and see what develops.  Your hand is worth a standard raise to 2 (losing trick count), you and your partner have the balance of power.  If pushed you will bid 3H and if the opponents get too high they likely cannot make their contract.  Just bid 2H with this hand.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
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