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TIP OF THE WEEK: In most cases – the responder is the Captain of the hand.  The responder has received and can process more information than the opening bidder.  So as opener, be as descriptive as possible so partner can better decide where to place the contract.  With a balanced hand (including a 5-card minor) rebid Notrump.  With a second suit (below the rank of your first suit) rebid that.  With a six-card suit, bid that.  No need for heroics - it will only confuse partner.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS - Another 70% game this week - CONGRATULATIONS to Bill & Sue Ellis 70.23%.  Wednesday was out Gold Dust Team game  - and the OVERALL winners were: Bonnie Boyd Read, Heather Gillis, Barb Allen & Jean Cooke -- well done ladies.

MONDAY 12:30 - Hallowe'en Game & 7:00- Just Play Bridge.  Wear a costume and have your name entered to WIN two free  bridge passes!!  Games are regular fee.
*** PLEASE NOTE  THE NOVEMBER CALENDAR IS ATTACHED - and do we have an exciting month  for you!!

This week we have the Canadian Open Pairs Club Qualifying rounds - stratified - These games are TRIPLE rated and offer 1/2 RED points.  Two games Tuesday Nov. 1st at 7:00 and Wednesday Nov. 2nd at 6:30 (don't forget to come early and dinner on us!)
THURSDAY NOVEMBER 3rd at 12:30 - the District 1 John McAdam Charity Game.  $11.00.  Hand analysis and our game will be posted with THE COMMON GAME.  Supports Canadian Charities.
NORTH AMERICAN PAIRS - SATURDAY NOVEMBER 5th, 10:30 2 sessions.  Flight C [Non Life Masters up to 500 masterpoints - as of June 1st 2016].  You played all summer to qualify and now is your chance to win a trip to the Spring Nationals in Kansas City.  PLUS 25% of the awards are GOLD.  Check the Bridge Studio web site for other qualifiers.  $50.00 per pair, lunch included.    (flight A is played at Halifax Bridge World on Sat. 10:30am)

MORE THIS MONTH - Mega points in the TWO session CNTC stratified Team Game Wednesday Nov. 16 & 23.  ACBL wide Charity Game November 22nd (7:00).  TWO Silver Point STAC Games Nov. 22nd & 24th.  Team games & more!!

AUDREY GRANT in Halifax -- Limited Space - Teacher's Training Sunday Nov. 6th & Monday Nov. 7th.  BEGINNER  BRIDGE as presented by Audrey Grant from her text - Bridge Basics I, 3 hours on Monday November 7th 9:30am - 12:30pm - the best way to get your friends and family in on the Best Game in the World!!   
**** Improve YOUR skills, Audrey will present a "multi-level" workshop focusing on "Overcoming Entry Problems" - 16 wonderful hands starting with the basics and working up to expert level - they are great hands and even better insight into how to improve your declarer play!!  You can register through the CBF website (www.cbf.ca) or via the Bridge Studio (902-446-3910 or online www.bridgestudio.org)

Your partner opens the bidding with 1H and your RHO passes.  What is your responding call with this hand:
       S – J 5 3
       H – K 10 9 4 3
       D – 10 6
       C – K 10 2

Answer to last week's game:
In this hand, West opened the bidding with 1D and North ‘doubled’ for takeout.  South bid 1 Spade, and North with 20 HCP, jumps the bidding to 3S.  South goes to 4 Spades trusting partner’s bidding.

      S – K 9 8 4
      H – A K 8 5
      D – A Q
      C – A 3 2
Lead:  C-K
       S – A 7 6 2
       H – 4 2
       D – 6 4 3 2
       C – 10 7 5
How do you plan to play the contract?

Answer:  First South has to count tricks – 2 sure spades, 2 sure hearts,  1 sure diamond, and 1 club – 6 tricks.  One more trick can come from diamond finesse as it is odds on for the D-K to be with West (who opened the bidding and has 13 HCP).  Now you can score a couple of ruffs but only if you use your trumps wisely.  Win the Opening club lead and take the S-K and then the S-A in your hand.  Do you take the third round of trumps?  NO!  Leave it with the opps they have a winner, instead you want to ruff some losers.  Take the diamond finesse ( and yes it wins), cash the D-A, Now win the H-A & H-K.  Ruff a heart in hand, ruff a diamond in dummy, ruff another heart (West can overruff, but it is with a trump winner), allowing you to use your trumps for extra tricks.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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