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TIP OF THE WEEK: As an opening bidder it will usually take TWO bids to describe your hand.  Other than opening in NoTrump, a suit bid is 13-21 HCP, your second bid will define your range.  Be sure you and your partner are on the same page as to what is minimum, medium and maximum.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS - CONGRATULATIONS to our  Rookie/Master winners - John Dow & Richard Nickerson. The Berwick club recommended they come and play as Richard  is an up and coming player - and he showed  it - Well done.  Up the Ranks Team game winners:  (A) Mike Ross, Daniel Labrie, Linda Walker, & Marilyn Bernardo.  (B) Cel & Ann Dicks, Carolyn Courteen and Natalie Milligan. (C) Julia & Keith Taylor, Liz Cormier and Heather Farwell - - Congratulations.

CLUB APPRECIATION GAMES THIS WEEK -- Don't forget to collect your prize after the game!! Also TRIPLE points for all winners:

Monday 12:30 - triple points  OPEN
Wednesday 9:30  - triple points OPEN
Wednesday 6:30 8 IS ENOUGH - GOLD  DUST TEAM GAME (light dinner at 6:30)  I am still working on filling out  some teams - if you want to play - I have a team for you - email --- kmacnab@eastlink.ca
Thursday 6:30 - under 1000 only
Friday 9:30 99ers only
CANADIAN OPEN PAIRS CLUB QUALIFIER - Tuesday at 7:00 - also triple points $1.00 extra

Mark the date - Monday October 31st - HALLOWE'EN DAY.  I have heard rumours that some players will be dressing up for the Monday afternoon game - Anyone coming dressed for Hallowe'en will have their name entered in a draw for TWO complimentary plays.  Enjoy the the game.  For all you "Just Play  Bridge" players - come dressed for Hallowe'en and you will be entered in your own draw.

Do not miss out on your opportunity  to have a lesson with  Audrey Grant - Sunday November 6th - 1:00 - 4:00 "Entries" a multi-level course.  More details provided in a separate email.  We are only half full, so get your name registered as soon as possible.

Have friends you want to introduce  to bridge -- Monday 9:30 - 12:30  - Bridge for the Absolute Beginner  with Audrey.

Let them keep their winner!
In this hand, West opened the bidding with 1D and North ‘doubled’ for takeout.  South bid 1 Spade, and North with 20 HCP, jumps the bidding to 3S.  South goes to 4 trusting partner’s bidding.

      S – K 9 8 4
      H – A K 8 5
      D – A Q
      C – A 3 2
       S – A 7 6 2
       H – 4 2
       D – 6 4 3 2
       C – 10 7 5
How do you plan to play  the contract?

Answer to last week's game:
Partner opens the bidding with 1H .  Would you rather hold hand ‘A’ or hand ‘B’ or do you think they are equivalent?
A:  S – Q 7 3     H – A 8 2     D – 9 6 5     C – 10 4 3 2
B:  S – A 7 3     H – Q 8 2     D – 9 6 5     C – 10 4 3 2

Answer:  The better hand is hand ‘B’.  The HCP and distribution are the identical, but the location of the honour cards makes the difference.  In hand ‘B’, the Queen fills in partner’s suit and is a “working” card (apt to be useful).  In hand ‘A’ the queen in an outside suite may be a wasted value.

See you at the tables,
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