M C & G  Bridge Studio   16-Oct-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK: Responders bid or rebid of 2NT (exception – Jacoby 2NT).  Let’s face it is 11 HCP.  With 12 HCP you  will likely go to game, and with 10 you would probably bid just 1NT.  

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS - Congratulations to all that played (and maybe won) at the Charlottetown Sectional, it has been a long time since we have been at the Rodd's and it was great!  Congrats  to the flight A Swiss Team Winners - Brenda & Jim Kirby and John Ayer & Stewart.  Big Congrats to the flight X winners -- Graham Waters, Linda Smith, Cynthia Burney & Candace Flemming.

ERIN BERRY Rookie/Master Game- TUESDAY OCTOBER 18th @ 12:30 pm.  We are running out of room so if you are still interested in playing, please let me know ASAP.  Lots of great Masters and lots of wonderful future Masters are ready and raring to go - GET IN THE GAME!!   kmacnab@eastlink.ca
One More CLUB APPRECIATION game this week:  Wednesday (19th) 9:30 am
TWO COPC games:  Wednesday (19th) @ 6:30 & Friday (21st) @ 12:30  Come Early on Wednesday night and have some dinner.
UP THE RANKS Team Game - If you want to play, you MUST let Jill know right away we are at capacity!!   Saturday (22nd) 12:30

AUDREY GRANT in Halifax -- Limited Space - Teacher's Training Sunday Nov. 6th & Monday Nov. 7th.  BEGINNER  BRIDGE as presented by Audrey Grant from her text - Bridge Basics I, 3 hours on Monday November 7th 9:30am - 12:30pm - the best way to get your friends and family in on the Best Game in the World!!   Improve YOUR skills, Audrey will present a "multi-level" workshop focusing on "Overcoming Entry Problems" - 16 wonderful hands starting with the basics and working up to expert level - they are great hands and even better insight into how to improve your declarer play!!  Sunday November 6th 1:00 - 4:00.   You can register through the CBF website (www.cbf.ca) or via the Bridge Studio (902-446-3910 or online www.bridgestudio.org)

Two hands to ponder:
Partner opens the bidding with 1H .  Would you rather hold hand ‘A’ or hand ‘B’ or do you think they are equivalent?
A:  S – Q 7 3     H – A 8 2     D – 9 6 5     C – 10 4 3 2
B:  S – A 7 3     H – Q 8 2     D – 9 6 5     C – 10 4 3 2

Answer to last week's game:

The contract is 4 spades.  How would you plan your play?

Plan your play:
         S – K Q 5 4
         H – J
         D – A 8 5 2
         C – 8 6 3 2
S – 10
        S – A J 7 2
        H – A 8 2
        D – K Q 6
        C – J 5 4

Answer:  Looking at the hand you can see that you have 3 club losers, and there is little you can do about that.  You have two heart losers in your hand and need to ruff them in the dummy with the S-4 & S-5.  Be sure to win the opening lead in the dummy with the S-K and come to your hand with the H-A, now ruff a heart.  Back to your hand with  the D-K and ruff  the second heart.  Now play your last spade in dummy (and this is when you see that West held 4 trumps and East only 1.  Come back to the D-Q and win your S-A & S-J.  Last go to dummy’s D-A and if they break 3-3 you make with an overtrick!  Otherwise you at least have your 10 tricks in the bag.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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