M C & G  Bridge Studio   25-Sep-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK: The Convention Card not only is the Convention Card an excellent way to review your partnership agreements before each game, but it is a courtesy to have one at the table during the game so your opponents can look at it to see what you have agreed upon.  And as an aside, it is required by the Laws of Duplicate Bridge for each partnership to have a filled out Convention Card with them during a duplicate bridge game.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS - Thursday evening was an INTER-CLUB CLUB 999er CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - ACBL overall winners were:  Dorothty Gibson & Norah Dunbar with 1st in B for 3.50 masterpoints, Valerie Powell & Sally McNulty with 2.63 pts. and Verna Macleod & Fred Angus receiving 1.33.  Well done!!!

This week has FOUR International Fund Games:
Monday at 12:30;  Wednesday at 6:30; Thursday at 6:30 and Friday at 12:30
Club Championship games:
Wednesday at 12:45 & Thursday at 12:30 -- same $10.00 - plus prizes for the winners!!

WEDNESDAY BRIDGE - Light supper at 6:10 - this week: Soup and Sandwiches.

GOLD DUST TEAM GAME - Saturday OCTOBER 1st @ 12:30 - First Game for Club Appreciation Month.  Stratified TEAMS - FUN, FOOD, & BRIDGE - what more could you ask for.

All lessons are underway, and going great!!  But you should practice what you are learning. For beginners - try Thursday morning 'Practice Play' or the Monday evening "Just Play Bridge".  For beginners Plus - Friday morning 99er game or Wednesday afternoon 299er.  Advancing beginners - play come on in to our Tuesday 499er game or the Thursday evening 999er game.  Intermediate players -- give the OPEN games a chance, you are ready to take it up a notch.
You hold:

         S K Q 9 8 7
         H 7
         D A K J 7
         C J 10 2
The auction:
   Partner        You
       1C           1S
       3S           ?
What is your call?

Answer to last week's quiz:
Your Right Hand Opponent opens the bidding with 1H.  What would you bid with the following:
            S A 4
            H 7 6
            D K 4
            C A K Q J 8 7 6

Solution:  Here is a new toy for our advancing players.  Bid 3H.  A JUMP in the opponent's suit asks partner to bid 3NT with a heart stopper!  If partner does not bid 3NT then just bid your club suit.

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