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TIP OF THE WEEK: In no other area of match-point pairs are the rewards so great for a sound and courageous approach.  Time and time again you will find that the winners are NOT those who can bid to a fine grand slam missed by the field or those who can play an exotic squeeze.  No, the winners come from those who are able to judge the right time to push higher, the right time to defend, how high to go, and when to double.  (from R. Klinger; 100 Winning Duplicate Tips)

  - - - - Attached is the Fall edition of the Maritime Bridge Line - - - -

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS - On Monday night Lew Landers & Steve Coates racked up a 70.83% game, and Tuesday afternoon saw Shirley McInnes & Sue Pattillo with 71.43%.  Friday morning Claire & Alan Barnett had a whopping 85.42% (unfortunately limited games will not be posted in the ACBL bulletin) - CONGRATULATIONS from the Bridge Studio.  Saturday 'Up the Ranks' winners were Verna Macleod, Linda Howard, Janet Moulton & Margie Lawrence, and we must mention that FIRST in B&C were Malcolm Chapstick, Gail Ginn, Charley Sharkey & Bob Fiendel -- well done everyone.

The Inter Club Championship game on Tuesday Sept. 6th.  See how your points increased:
**Rita Lajeuness & Susan Woodbury from .88 to 1.84
**Christine Gooday & Linda Mills from .62 to1.85
**Donna Richardson & Pat Tanner from .44 to .89

Club Championship Games -- remember these games are just $10.00 and not only do you get more than double your master point awards we have PRIZES for winners in each statum:
Monday Sept. 19th at 12:30 is a CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP game. Don't forget to stay and claim your prizes!!
Tuesday (20th) 7:00
Wednesday (21st) 6:30 -- come early I will have spaghetti for dinner!  Dinner, bridge and prizes, what more could you ask. Our Wednesday games have been finishing at 9:30 so come along
International Fund Game OPEN - Thursday (22nd) at 12:30 ($11.00)
SPECIAL GAME FOR 999ers -THURSDAY (22nd) 6:30 - Inter-Club Championship.  This game is our regular fee, the scores go to the ACBL for 999er overalls - see what happened earlier this month above!!
FRIDAY Sept. 23rd - REGULAR GAMES at both 9:30 and 12:30 Will be held as scheduled

Beginning THIS Tuesday at 9:30 Building a Better Foundation - Please come early, find your seat so Jill can start promply at 9:30.  If you still want to join the class, email Jill at jmariem@eastlink.ca.  Enjoy
Beginner Bridge began on Thursday at 9:30 -- I will be there at 9:00am this week for those that missed the first class.
Competitive Bidding - Carol's class started last week, Wednesday at 6:30 if you were planning on attending and missed last week please contact Carol at c_dhamilton@ns.sympatico.ca

AUDREY GRANT in HALIFAX. Do not miss your opportuntiy to see Audrey Grant.  She will be in Halifax for a TEACHER'S TRAINING PROGRAM on Sunday November 6th & 7th.  On Sunday afternoon at 1:00 Audrey will be presenting a multi-level 3-hour course on ENTRIES -- registration can be made via The Bridge Studio website (bring cheques to the Bridge Studio, payable to the Canadian Bridge Federation) or via the CBF website (www.cbf.ca).  Monday morning at 9:30 Audrey will be presenting a course for BEGINNERS from her Bridge Basics book.  Please see attached flyer.  Limited to 64 participants

Your Right Hand Opponent opens the bidding with 1H.  What would you bid with the following:
          S – A 4
          H – 7 6
          D – K 4
          C – A K Q J 8 7 6

Answer to last week's quiz:
 You hold the following hand:
          S – A J 7 6 5 4 2
          H – Q 5 4
          D – 6
          C -  8 5
What is your opening bid?

Your choices are 2S; 3S or pass.  Some would pass with the honour card in the other major.  The wimps would try 2S – which BTW your LHO will make an overcall and they will find their fit.  The bidders will open 3S, just bid it don’t go into “what-if” syndrome (what if trumps don’t break? what if both finesses lose? What if I’m doubled?)  The best what-if is what-if partner has some help over there and you can actually make 3 or even 4 spades.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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