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TIP OF THE WEEK: Making a take out double and then bidding NoTrump shows a hand with 19 or 20 HCP, or a very good 18 HCP with TWO stoppers in the opponent's suit and usually a five card suit on the side.

KUDOS from Peter Ineson: Many thanks and special kudos to Kathie, Bill and the many Bridge Studio players who continue to support the RCMP Veterans’ Association collection of aluminum tabs from cans which are accumulated and sold off with the proceeds going to purchase wheel chairs for the needy.
   Be it a bag or a handful tossed into the can on top of the Bridge Studio refrigerator or a whole load handed directly to me everyone’s continuing efforts are most sincerely appreciated.
   Peter Ineson, on behalf of the Nova Scotia Division of the RCMP Veterans’ Association.

Save the tabs off of pop and beer cans and bring them into the Studio, the can is on top of the fridge.  KMH

CONGRATULATIONS: This week we send congratulations to the winners of the "Balon Buckley Upgraded Charity Club Championship" game Wednesday evening: Stuart Eastwood & Virginia Giza.  Monday night TWO 70% games Bill & Sue Ellis 74. 17% and Steve Coates and Lew Landers 70.83%,  Thursday afternoon 72.9% by Elizabeth Legacy & Jim Mathers.


OPEN MONDAY - Labour Day - 12:30 and for our Just Play Bridge Group at 7:00
Tuesday at 12:30: Inter-Club Championship for 0-500 only.  Place in ACBL overalls for BONUS masterpoints.
Wednesday 9:30 - Morning Game Club Championship.  No extra cost just prizes & points.
Wednesday at 6:30 - International Fund Game  $10.00 
Thursday 0-1000 at 6:30 - International Fund Game  $10.00
Friday 12:30, OPEN - International Fund Game.  $11.00

GAME CHANGERS:  Thursday evening's 6:30 start was well received.  This week we introduce our NEW start time for Wednesday night - 6:30 as promised I will have a LIGHT dinner ready for 6:10 - this week I have chicken noodle soup with fresh bakery rolls and slices of tomatoes and cucumbers and cookies.  So come to bridge right after work, or skip dinner and have a nap - see you Wednesday.
Wednesday afternoon will also have an earlier start - 12:45. So not to disrupt the big thinkers in the morning game, Jill will meet you in the hallway and take table reservations.

These classes begin next week, week of September 12th.

Beginner class:  Thursday at 9:30 -- tell your friends and relatives.  Hoping to see some from our Bridge in a Day.  If there is enough interest in an evening class it will be on Monday nights at 7:00.
Playing a Bridge Hand:  Tuesday 9:30.  Best way to improve your game is to understand good declarer play and this course is perfect for that.  Two 6-week sessions.
Competitive Bidding - Wednesday at 6:30 pm.  Pre-empts to overcalls and takeout doubles.  The next step after Bridge Basics.

For more  information see the attached flyer, call the Studio (902-446-3910) or email Kathie - kmacnab@eastlink.ca

Building a Better Foundation - Begins on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 20th at 9:30 am.

Whether you play Jacoby 2NT or Standard American choose what you would rebid.
You hold:
         S – A K 10 7 5
         H – J 9 6 3
         D – J
         C – K 7 6

You open the bidding with 1S and partner bids 2NT.  What is your rebid.

Answer to last week's quiz:
You hold:
         S – K 10 8 3
         H – A Q 9
         D – 10 7 4
         C – A 8 3
You are the dealer and here is the auction so far:

South     West    North   East
  1C          P          1D       P
What is your call and why?

You do have a 4-card spade suit and you can bid that here to see if you have a fit with partner.  BUT – your hand is very balanced and you would like the heart or spade lead to come INTO your hand.  Most experts agree that they prefer to describe a FLAT hand with 12-14 by rebidding 1NT.  This could be a matter of style, so discuss this hand with partner; make sure you agree on how to treat this type of hand.  If partner is unbalanced and has game going values you can still find the spade fit.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio

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