M C & G  Bridge Studio   28-Aug-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK: Do not commit to a 5-3 or even a 5-4 fit in one major if a 4-4 fit is feasible in the other major.  With room to bid and find out about a 4-4 fit in the other major, you can abandon the 5-3 (or4) fit in the first major.  The odds of outscoring the 5-3 to the 4-4 are better as trumps will break 3-2 68% of the time.  The odds of scoring worse will happen only when trumps break 5-0 and that is only 4%.

ROTARY CLUB TOONIE DRAW - This week is over $1,300.  They will be picking up the toonies on TUESDAY AFTERNOON.

CONGRATULATIONS & KUDOS: TWO 70%ers this week - Congrats on Monday to Terry Shaw and Jim Mathers 73.47% and on Friday to Sheila Cardone and Rod Mackenzie with 71.67%.  Well done to all of you. 

**** I have Kudos for all of you who have brought in coffee over the past year, but alas yesterday I took out the last coffee and the last decaf coffee.  So if you were thinking about bringing a can of coffee into the Bridge Studio - now would be a great time - Thanks.


-WEDNESDAY AUGUST 31st is our Annual Balon Buckley Upgraded Charity Club Championship Game.  Balon is the co-founder and creator of The Bridge Studio and we thank him for all he did for the inception of the Studio.  Come and play for fun and prizes on Wednesday at 7:00 in this UPGRADED game.
End of August - end of NAP qualifiers. Only 4 chances left to qualify - Monday at 12:30, Tuesday at 12:30 (limited to Non-Life Masters with fewer than 500) points, Tuesday at 7:00 AND Wednesday Morning - 9:30.  All these games offer TRIPLE points and half of them are RED - YOU must qualify to participate in the district finals.  For more details on the finals -<  click here >.
THURSDAY  SEPTEMBER 1st - game time is 6:30pm.   Snacks will be waiting!

GAME CHANGERS:  Beginning September 1st, 2016 The Bridge Studio will be making some changes in START (and finish) times for THREE games. 

WEDNESDAY afternoon NEW START time is 12:45!! 
WEDNESDAY evening NEW START time is 6:30 pm - as will Kathie & Bill will provide a light dinner (like: soup & sandwich, chilli, spaghetti or tacos)  Dinner will be ready for 6:10, so come along.  Game time 6:30 and we will hold a SPECIAL game as often as possible - GAME fee  will be $10.00. 
THURSDAY evening NEW START time - 6:30pm and will be finished very close to 9:30 pm.  This game is limited to players under 1000 masterpoints.   Please see attachments.

SEPTEMBER LESSON schedule is attached
Beginning the week of the 12th 

Tuesday 9:30  PLAY OF THE HAND by B. Seagram & D. Bird as presented by Doug Hamilton.  This course that has been tested and proven to improve your play, from the experts on how to think through the process of playing the hand and make some effective planning.
Wednesday 6:30pm - COMPETITIVE BIDDING by A. Grant as presented  by Carol Hamilton.  This is book TWO in Bridge Basics - Not only will you learn how to be a fearful bidding competitor you will learn some play tips and defensive tips.
Tuesday 9:30 am BUILDING A BETTER FOUNDATION a Bridge Studio series as  presented by Jill McCormick - This course is designed for those that have learned and used the basics and want to go beyond the scope and learn how to get the best use of the bidding system.
BEGINNER BRIDGE - Thursday at 9:30 am.  Bridge Basics 1 by A. Grant as presented by Kathie Macnab.  This is the first book on Basic Bidding.  You cannot learn new bridge skills until you really understand the basics.  For new players and those that want to brush up  their skills.
DETAILS ATTACHED and on web page <click here> -- registration available online or email kmacnab@eastink.ca

You hold:
    S K 10 8 3
    H A Q 9
    D 10 7 4
    C A 8 3
You are the dealer and here is the auction so far:

South     West    North   East
  1C          P          1D       P
What is your call and why?

Answer to last week's quiz:
Your contract is 4 spades.  Plan your play.

   North (dummy)
   S K 9 8 4
   H A K 8 5
   D A Q
   C A 3 2
Opening lead: C-K
   South (you)
   S A 7 6 2
   H 4 2
   D 6 4 3 2
   C 10 7 5

You win the opening lead with the C-K,  What next?

After winning the C-K with your Ace, you will now pull trump, but JUST THE ACE & KING.  A mistake make by many newer players is that need to pull the third trump the S-Q is always going to win a trick, leave it alone, instead take the diamond finesse and when that win, play the Heart A & K then ruff two hearts in hand and two diamonds in dummy.  You cannot do that if you take three rounds of trump.  Yes, an opponent may over ruff when you ruff the hearts, but their S-Q is a winner already.  You lose just two clubs and the S-Q.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
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