M C & G  Bridge Studio   7-Aug-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK: Distributional hands are great to get into the auction with, but take care to consider your SECOND bid, you can assume that partner will respond in your shortest suit.

ROTORY CLUB TOONIE DRAW. Get your toonie, put your number on it and hope you are drawn.  This week the prize is over $850.00.  REMEMBER that the toonies are now picked up on TUESDAY EVENINGS.

CONGRATULATIONS & KUDOS Thank you Pam and Dorothy for Kathie's birthday cakes.  Also looking for anyone who might want to drop off a poster for the FREE Bridge in a Day workshop clinic on Saturday August 27th at 10:30. To pick up a poster just do a reply to this email for more details.

August is the last month to qualify for the North American Pairs -- I have scheduled lots of them for August - Remember they also pay out 1/2 RED points. There will be $1.00 extra charge for these special games. Stratified C=0-500 NLM; B = 0-2500; A = Open - 1/2 Red, 1/2 Black

NAP Club Qualifying games: Monday 12:30, Tuesday 7:00, Wednesday 9:30 and Friday 12:30. $ 11.00
Wednesday 7:00 is a triple point Grass Roots Fund Game $ 7.00
Thursday 7:00 is a 0-1000 Club Championship game with prizes $ 10.00

Monday at 6:45 - Liz's pearl of wisdom, then play in our relaxed (and fun) 7:00 game. You could win CHOCOLATE!!
Thursday at 9:30 - Join Jill for a fun morning, very relaxed play with a Bridge Tip to start
Friday at 9:30 -- take a step up - come out and play in our 99er game. Win your first Masterpoints in this quiet, well run game!! Just $8.00


Sunday   14th 12:30 -- NAP Club Qualifying Pair Game $ 10.00
Saturday 20th 12:30 -- 0-1000 Up the Ranks Team Game $ 12.00
Saturday 27th 10:30 -- FREE Bridge in a Day Work Clinic.  Please tell anyone you know who might be interested in trying this great game of ours.
Sunday   28th 12:30 -- Open Team game with a pot luck barbeque at 5 Wren Street afterwards $ 12.00

You bid 4 Hearts after partner raises your 1 Heart opening bid to 2 Hearts.  The opponents were silent during the auction.
West leads the Spade Jack.  How do you plan your play with the following hands?

        North (dummy)
        S – A 5 3
        H – 8 5 2
        D – Q 10 8 5
        C – Q 8 4

West’s Opening Lead: S - J

        South (you)
        S – K 7 2
        H – A Q J 10 6 4
        D – A 4
        C – A J

Answer to last week's quiz:

Your Right Hand Opponent opens the bidding with 1D.  What is your call holding the following:
       S – A K 3
       H – A K Q 9 2
       D – 7 4
       C – K 8 4

Answer:   This hand is too strong for a one-level overcall.  You should start with a TAKEOUT double, planning to bid hearts at your next opportunity.  By doubling and bidding you show a very strong hand, this hand fits the requirements.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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