M C & G  Bridge Studio   19-Jun-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK: Try to develop the attitude of the experts – each deal is unique and separate and should not influence your performance on subsequent deals.  Put aside a bad result and start fresh with the next 13 cards!  Successful partnerships will discuss difficult hands and situations where something went wrong after the session and in private.

TRUMP ALZHEIMER'S CONTRE - Play any of the EIGHT games we have for MONDAY.  First game at 6:30 am - last game starts at 7:15 pm.  ALL games just $5.00, of which $4.00 will go to Alzheimer's Society of Nova Scotia.  We have breakfast, lunch and dinner organized, a Banana Bread Bakeoff, all day grazing.  Prizes for winners in EACH game.  50/50 draw with other prizes.  Come and support this wonderful CANADIAN event.  


Monday: TRUMP ALZHEIMER'S 6:30; 8:15; 10:00; 12:00; 1:45; 3:30; 5:30; 7:15   All game: Charity Club Championships
Wednesday at 7:00 is a UNIT CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.  $7.00 TRIPLE masterpoints.
Thursday 7:00 - Charity club championship for 0-1000 only!!
Sunday June 26th - Grand Slam Adventure  2017.  See invitation  to information night attached.  Come and see what we  can do at sea!!   Your Winter Get Away.

PLAY BRIDGE with Mr. 'Ask Jerry' - aka Jerry Helms, Thursday June 30th @ 9:00.  For just $5.00 you can enter to WIN your opportunity to play with this exceptional player & teacher.  To reserve your ticket contact smacpherson67@gmail.com

FOR THE STUDENTS OF THE GAME: TOURNAMENT TUNE-UP.  Starting at NOON on Saturday June 25th. This unique workshop is all about the "Canadian-Atlantic" (Can-At) Regional tournament.  I will go over the Convention Card and explain some items you should know about and items you should leave alone. When and how to call the Director for help.  Tips for Tops to improve those results.  Which games give GOLD points, and which do not.  Just $5.00 per participant.  Bring your questions - I can find the answers.

You hold:
  S – J 10 7 4
  H – A Q J 8 4
  D – A Q
  C – K J

You open the bidding with 1 Heart, and partner responds 1NT – what is your REBID?

You hold:

  S – J 9 4 3
  H – K 9 6 2
  D – J 8 5 3 2
  C - -------

A lovely 4 HCP and your partner opens the bidding with 1NT – any idea what you want to do now?

Let us think this through – you could pass because you do NOT have enough for game.  Or you might decide that your hand is worth way more if you and partner have a 4-4 major suit fit.  GOOD START.  So you bid 2C – STAYMAN.  This cannot go bad.  Partner’s ONLY choices are to bid 2-H (with 4 hearts) or 2-S (with 4 spades) – and you intend to PASS either of those bids.  Without a 4-card major suit, partner is obligated to bid 2-D denying a major suit.  Over any of partner’s choices – all you plan on doing is PASS!!   Can partner bid something else – NO! Partner has described 15-17 HCP and a balanced hand, YOU are the Captain - so take charge.  Partner does not have the option  to bid anything other than the bids you expect – 2S, 2H or 2D. 2NT is not an option, the responder is the CAPTAIN, the opener DESCRIBES.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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