M C & G  Bridge Studio   12-Jun-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK: The rights of the ‘dummy’. 

As dummy you are entitled to PREVENT a mistake for partner – you CANNOT correct an error. 
If partner looks intently at a card in dummy and may even make a gesture toward a card on the board – as dummy you think partner might play from the wrong hand you can PREVENT this by saying –“Partner you are in your hand”. 
If partner has gone as far as to indicate a card say “Play the 3 of H”, the error is made and you CANNOT correct it, simply play the H3.  The opponents however may refuse the H-3 from dummy as declarer had played from the wrong hand.  CALL THE DIRECTOR. 
As dummy you see partner detach a card from his hand (not played) you can say “You are in dummy” – PREVENTING the error. 
If partner plays a card, you cannot say “partner you are over in the dummy” – the error has been made. 
As dummy you can PREVENT an error, however you cannot CORRECT an error that has been made.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Kudos to the 44 students for today "Cuebidding workshop".  It was a lot to learn, for the brave 'newbies' out there - Remember you never want to play in a suit that the opponents are known to hold.  You can show a GOOD hand by 'cuebidding' their suit  -- partner can never pass!  Thank you to Bill & Liz for helping me out.

WINNING MASTERPOINTS!  - this Week we have a couple of SPECIAL GAMES:

TUESDAY @ 12:30 - The Canada Wide 'Olympiad' Fund game - TRIPLE points red/black.  $11.00.  Your game will only be compared with other 0-500 games all across ACBL
WEDNESDAY - CHARITY CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP (originally scheduled as a NAP,  but we can only have TWO on Wednesdays) but this is still BONUS masterpoints - $7.00 for everyone.
SATURDAY - Up the Ranks - We already have 14 teams signed up, so if you want to play - contact Jill (jmariem@eastlink.ca), or sign up on the board.  Seats are going FAST  $12.  Charity Club Championship.
MONDAY JUNE 20TH -- TRUMP ALZHEIMER'S CONTRE - A Canada wide fund raising event to support Alzheimer's Societies.  Our proceeds will go to Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia.  FIRST game is at 6:30 am.  Games will run all day -- last game starts at 7:15 pm.  Just $5.00 per game!  All games just 12 boards.  It is fun and it is for a GREAT Cause.  Come and Play, Come and Donate.  See attached.

FOR THE STUDENTS OF THE GAME:  Thank you to all that came to the class today.  Now I hope you are ALL planning on taking in a game at the REGIONAL tournament this year (June 27 - July 2).  If you are too nervous to play - then at least come and see how many people we can stuff in a room. If you are thinking of playing, come and see me on SATRUDAY June 25th, as I let you know what to expect, suggest games for your level of play (and some stratagy on how to win gold points).  We  will talk about the 'Convention Card', conventions you should NOT play, but know what they are when the opponents play them, table etiquette and more.  Very informal, beginning at NOON, about 2 hours.  Mostly Q & A, no hands on play.  Just $5.00 at the door.

You have been dealt this hand:

  S – J 9 4 3
  H – K 9 6 2
  D – J 8 5 3 2
  C - -------

A lovely 4 HCP and your partner opens the bidding with 1NT – any idea what you want to do now?

The auction:

North     East     South     West
 1D          P         1NT        P
 2NT        P         3NT      All pass

        North (dummy)
        S – A 8
        H – A Q 7 2
        D – A J 9 8 5
        C – Q 4

Opening Lead:
S – 6

        South (you)
       S – K J 5
       H – 6 4
       D – 6 2
       C – K J 10 9 6 3
Plan your play!!

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!!  First things first -- BEFORE you play to trick one – count your tricks.  You have 1 heart, 1 diamond, and once the C – A is knocked out you have 5 club tricks, and you have at least two spade tricks.  The key is the club suit.  Since you hold all the high cards except the Ace it appears that you have 5 tricks there.  But you have to establish them and then get to the.  At trick one, IF you do not make a plan you will make the fatal error of playing LOW from dummy and winning the S-J, then you play a club and my guess is the opponents are not jumping up with that Ace, and they win the second club.  You clubs now established, but you have no way of using them because of the S-A (the suit is blocked).   You will be stuck in dummy from here on in.  All you had to do was be sure to win the S-A at trick one and then work on clubs, once West takes the Ace – you have the S-K as your dummy entry to enjoy playing the clubs.     

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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